The Indian authorities have conducted the IAS Prelims examination on 10th October 2021 throughout the country. All centers followed the Covid-19 norms of social distancing strictly. Like every year, there is news that the paper was difficult, compared to last year. But is this true or just a rumor? Let us analyze the paper and find it out.

What are the newest trends of IAS Prelims 2021?

IAS is known for delivering a paper full of surprises and challenges each year. This year too, IAS Prelims 2021 saw a few new trends. The question paper had some resemblance with the pattern of pre-reform time, which is 2013. Questions get framed on topics like sports, awards, and famous personalities. The paper contains three questions on sports, one on Bharat Ratna and one on the popular image Devi Lal. It explains the importance of looking at the past years’ papers while preparing. Many times, in the name of a new trend, past trends are readopted. 

The paper has two questions from criminal Jurisprudence, one each on Parole and Judicial custody. Lesser weightage is given to Art and Culture this time. Let us now analyze the difficulty level of some of the subjects individually.


The paper has 20 questions from this subject alone. It is not shocking and resonates with the past trends. There are concept-based questions on topics like the role of RBI, inflation, economy, recession, and more. Current affairs played an extremely prominent role. 

  • Polity

About 16 questions are present from the Polity subject in IAS Prelims 2021 paper. These questions are easy. Candidates, who studied sections like liberty, constitutional government, federalism, and more with more emphasis on conceptual understanding, seamlessly attempted this part of the paper.

  • History

Following last years’ trends, the IAS Prelims exam contained approximately 13 questions from modern Indian History. Topics like Ancient, Medieval, and Art and Culture had a good weightage. A few questions from vague and ambiguous areas of modern India are present in the paper. This section was a speed breaker. Candidates could have easily saved time here and invested it in other calculative subjects. 

  • Science 

Questions required a strong command of the basics of the subject and current affairs of technology. Microbiology was given a primary preference, maybe due to the pandemic crises. 

  • Geography

Questions of this section are factual and memory-based. A few questions are concept-based as well. 

How to select the best IAS academy in Bangalore?

When preparing for a difficult exam like IAS, choosing the IAS Coaching in Bangalore is significant. When the selection ratio is low, only a good academy can make sure you are one amongst the selected lot. Coaching will build a solid base for your preparation. The guidance of experienced teachers will ensure that you study what is necessary out of the vast syllabus. Coaching will inhibit fundamental attributes of learning in you that are necessary for cracking a competition.

IAS Prelims 2021 is a clear indication of how IAS is bringing back its past years’ trends. Only a good academy can predict the latest trends of the paper. Consider the following factors while selecting an academy.

  • Faculty of the institute

A coaching institute with highly qualified and experienced teachers is preferable. It will be better if the faculty members have themselves cracked the IAS exam so that the students can benefit from their preparation. A teacher should be able to guide and motivate the students apart from teaching. Research well about the teachers before enrolling at a center. 

  • Study Materials are given by the institute.

The UPSC exam has a vast syllabus. The study material given by the institute must cover it entirely. Current affairs and news is an exceptionally vital aspect of the paper and so the books must remain up-to-date. The study material of an academy should evolve to match the changing trends of the examination. Books must be compact yet comprehensive. 

  • Past results of the academy

Past results of IAS Prelims are a factor that builds trust in the eyes of the candidates. Check for consistency in the results. Do not get driven only by the top ranks produced by a particular academy. Instead, pay importance to the selection ratio, the number of candidates enrolled vs. the number of candidates getting selected. It is a fairer comparison between coaching centers. 

  • Test structure and mock interviews 

Appearing in tests and mock interviews before the actual exam is significant. Select an institute that conducts the exams seriously and at frequent intervals. All the test papers must strictly follow the latest pattern of the exam. Your ranks within the coaching center will motivate you and build space for improvement. 

  • Fees structure

Do consider the fees structure while selecting the IAS Coaching in Bangalore. Pay your valuable money to an institute that is worth the investment. Many times the fee is unreasonably high, and cannot meet the students’ expectations. Invest where you get all the things you are looking for. 

Final words

Good coaching can significantly help candidates through the IAS Prelims, Mains, and the interview. Almost all top IAS institutes in Bangalore offer demo classes that you can try before joining one. Analyze an institute by visiting the official website and making personal visits. If possible, try to contact the ex-students to know better about the faculty and facilities. 

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