KAS- Karnataka Administrative Services are the one of the services under Probationary officer examination conducted by KPSC(Karnataka Public service commission) in karnataka

      Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) is the civil service of Karnataka state in India. The Public Service Commission conducts exams to recruit candidates for the service. These young officers recruited by KPSC take up various administrative posts at the district and state level. At the start they play the role of Sub Divisional Magistrate and, on promotion, Additional District Magistrates. After promotion to IAS, they take up various key positions at the district level as Deputy Commissioners and also equivalent IAS cadre jobs at the state level


      1. Karnataka Administrative Service (Junior Scale) Assistant Commissioner (KAS)
      2. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DYSP)
      3. Executive Officer / Assistant Secretary Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department.
      4. District Backward Classes Welfare Officer (Backward Classes Welfare Department)
      5. District Social Welfare Officer (Social Welfare Department)
      6. Assistant Commissioner Commercial Taxes (Finance Department)


      1. Tahsildar – (Grade-2) Karnataka Administrative Service (Revenue Department)
      2. Commercial Tax Officer (Finance Department)
      3. Assistant Director (Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department)
      4. Assistant Treasury Officer (Treasury Department)
      5. Assistant Superintendent Of Prisons
      6. Assistant Director (Tourism Department)
      7. Assistant Director (Department of Youth Empowerment & Sports)

      Group A – (Karnataka Administrative service) KAS Post – Roles and Responsibilities

      A Karnataka Administrative officer is an influential post that oversees the government’s administrative functions. Four key responsibilities, namely typically define the administrative officer’s role:

      • Communication
      • Coordination
      • Daily administrative tasks
      • Long-term planning

      They work in the internal administrative departments, their designation will be as Assistant commissioner for Revenue department and they serve 2 years of Probationary period and draws a salary of Rs. 30.400/- to Rs. 51, 300/-

      1. KAS  (Karnataka Administrative service)Group A – Deputy Superintendent of Police (DYSP) – Roles and Responsibilities

      The DYSP is the superintendent of the police’s subordinate officer. They assist the S.P.(Superintendent of Police) and look into all police department work, including crime prevention, police station management, investigation control, and so on. DYSP also works to build community relationships and keep the public and management at peace.

      Their initial designation will be DYSP(Deputy superintendent of Police) and serve 2 years of probationary officer role and draws around Rs. 28,100/- to Rs. 50,100/- salary

      2.      KAS  (Karnataka Administrative service)Group A  The Chief Executive Officer shall perform the following functions :-

      • Exercise all the power specially, imposed or conferred upon him by or under the Act or under any other law for the time being in force
      • Control the officers and official of, or holding office under, the Zilla Panchayat subject to the general superintendence and control of the Adhyaksha and such rules as may be prescribed;
      • Supervise and control the execution of all works of the Zilla Panchayat;
      • Take necessary measures for the speedy execution of all works and developmental schemes of the Zilla Panchayat;
      • Have custody of all papers and documents connected with the proceedings of the meetings of the Zilla Panchayat and its committees;
      • Draw and disburse monies out of the Zilla Panchayat Fund; and
      • Exercise such other powers and discharge such other functions as may be prescribed.
      • The Chief Executive Officer shall attend meetings of the Zilla Panchayat and shall have right to attend the meeting of any committee thereof and to take part in the discussion but shall not have right to move any resolution or to vote.

      3.      KAS  (Karnataka Administrative service)Group A  District Backward Classes Welfare Officer (Backward Classes Welfare Department)

      The department of Social Welfare was established during the year 1956, vide Govt. Order No. SS-4009-SRD-2-56-1 dated 18-10-1956. The very purpose of starting the department is for the welfare of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/ Other Backward Classes/ Women and Children. Subsequently, separate departments for welfare schemes pertaining to Women and Children, Other backward classes and Minorities and Scheduled Tribes were started. At present, the Department of Social Welfare is taking care of the welfare of Scheduled Castes only.

      Administrative Setup:

      The Administrative setup of the department has got three levels

      1. State Level
      2. District Level
      3. Taluk Level
      1. Karnataka Administrative service – KAS exams State Level

      At the State Level, the Commissioner of Social Welfare is functioning as the Head of the Department and he is assisted by three Joint Director, four Deputy Directors, One Chief Accounts Officer. Apart from this, one Joint Director of Social Welfare is working as Director of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Research Institute. There is one Pre-Examination training centre at Ambedkar Bhavan, Miller’s Road, Bangalore, where coaching is given to Scheduled Class students who are aspirants of passing Indian Civil Services Examinations like IAS and IPS. Click here for Directorate of Social Welfare Setup.

      1. Karnataka Administrative service – KAS District Level

      All the Programmes of the Social Welfare Department at the District Level are being implemented by the Zilla Panchayats. The District Social Welfare Officer is Head of Social Welfare at the District Level and he will assist the Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat in implementing the Social Welfare Programmes.

      1. KAS (Karnataka Administrative service)Group A   District Social Welfare Officer (Social Welfare Department)

      3. Karnataka Administrative service – KAS Taluk Level

      Taluk Social Welfare Officer is the Head of the Taluk Social Welfare Office and he will work under the control of taluk Panchayat and assist the Executive Officers, Taluk Panchayat and District Social Welfare Officer of the District for the implementation of Departmental Schemes.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group A Assistant Commissioner Commercial Taxes (Finance Department)

      Supervise and coordinate the implementation of government policies with the line departments. Oversee the Sub-law Division’s and orders and keep the Deputy Commissioner posted. Act as a government representative at the subdivision level.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B – of Assistant Labour Commissioner:

      Assistant Labour Commissioner superintends the work of the officers and inspectors of the division under the overall guidance and the supervision of the Labour Commissioner. He is the conduit for all of the officers’ work at the headquarters.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B JRoles and Responsibilities of Tahsildar:

      The Tahsildar is in a key position in the state government. All Government Lands are under his command. He has a lot of responsibilities and a lot of power when it comes to keeping track of his Tahsil’s land and revenue records. His office prepares all land acquisition and property acquisition cases. Tehsildar has several well-defined Magisterial Powers that he can use to quell public unrest.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B Roles and Responsibilities of Commercial Tax Officer:

      Commercial tax collection with the assistance of subordinates. Dividing commercial vehicle taxes into different categories. Keeping track of revenue. Determining the taxes that the department will collect from various government agencies To file Payroll, sales, and property taxes.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B Roles and Responsibilities  of Deputy Superintendent of Excise:

      A Deputy Superintendent of Excise is responsible for inspecting and sealing goods and products intended for export. Proper coordination and assistance are required with the existing and in-line manufacturers.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B Roles and Responsibilities of Assistant Food Director:

      Assistant food directors assist food service managers in hiring and firing employees, managing stock and equipment supplies, and developing budgets for restaurants, cafeterias, and food delivery services.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B Roles and Responsibilities  of Assistant Director of Audit of Co-operative Societies:

      Observance of Collaborative Principles Compliance with the Act, Rules, and Bye-laws. Assets and liabilities are valued, and Verification of Cash and Securities Balances and verification of depositor and creditor balances. Examining past-due debts and classifying them as bad debts

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B Roles and Responsibilities of Labour Officer:

      Providing, enforcing, administering, and governing resources, programs, and policies in the areas of Enforcement of Labor Acts and Rules through the Labour Commissioner.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B Roles and Responsibilities

       of Assistant Director of Tourism:

      They should prepare tourism development plans, implement, coordinate, monitor, and update. Ensure that tourism standards, laws, rules, and regulations are properly enforced.

      KAS (Karnataka Administrative service) Group B  of Assistant Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities

      Jail Assistant superintendents oversee and direct all aspects of jail operations, including personnel, inmates, security, safety, food and health services, and visitation procedures. They also assign work duties and schedules for corrections officers and conduct staff performance evaluations.

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