Why Himalai is the best IAS academy in bangalore is the main and important question someone should ask before deciding on UPSC-2023 IAS Preparation in Bangalore, the moment you question why Himalai is the best IAS coaching in Bangalore you will find certain uniqueness with Himalai which are based on real time results.

      Following are the reasons to say Why Himalai is the best IAS coaching institution in Bangalore and why we should join HImalai IAS classes for IAS examination preparation

      1. Himalai is the pioneer institution to start in south india Bangalore in 1998 – whenever students dream of IAS delhi will be the next thing that comes to their minds. In most of the movies also it is clearly forecasted that a person who dreams for IAS will end up becoming an IAS officer only after going to Delhi only. Himalai was the institution which came out of vision to make IAS easy to everyone who wants it.
      2. Why Himalai is the best IAS coaching institution in Bangalore is because of its great achievement of IAS, IPS, IRS officers from IT centric city Bangalore, Bengaluru is also known as the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role in promoting the IT sector of India. Bengaluru is regarded as the nation’s leading information technology (IT) exporter. ISRO, Infosys, Wipro, HAL and other Indian technological organisations have their headquarters in this city. It is quite obvious for Bangaloreans to think more about IT and IAS was never a thought of their dreams. In such a scenario Himalai was the only institute to instil the idea of IAS and created a great awareness about IAS exams in Bangalore and Karnataka Himalai was the only institute in India to making IAS officers from south india especially by the IT professionals.
      3. When whole nation was looking at IAS examination as the most toughest and difficult exams to crack in the life time and one should sacrifice their lives, happiness and sit like a tapasvi to become IAS officers and spend a lot of money to be at Delhi and pay for the preparation and accommodation in Delhi, Himalai stood as a game changer who set an example for Hard work and dedication place and locations will be not be a concerns
      4. Himalai started with a vision of helping the serious and honest youngsters who are dreams for IAS by heart should realise their dreams and live in real life. Financial constraints and educational background should not be an obstacle for clearing any IAS examination. Most of the people will lack the awareness of What is IAS examination 2023, How to prepare for IAS examination, what to study and what not to study and many other things. We at Himalai provided such a scholastic environment such that any who dream for IAS can make it with the help of Himalai IAS classes in Bangalore
      5. Himalai started with just 6 students at Rajajinagar in a small room and with any facilities, as usual as a beginners struggle, Yet keshav sir was never compromised on guiding the students in the right way as per the UPSC and KPSC standards to help them to clear the exams with ease, all who joined the institute as a first batch are serving the nation as IAS, IPS and IRS officers across the nation
      6. Himalai IAS classes are the first people to set up personalised counselling sessions to the aspirants before joining the classes to give them crystal clear clarity about what is IAS exams, How to prepare for IAS exams, what all the syllabus for IAS exams, how to start the preparation, which books to refer, when the exams are held, where to apply and how to apply starting from applying to the exams till attending IAS examination interview Himalai stands as a helping hand to keep supporting the process of preparation
      7. Why Himalai is the best IAS coaching institute is Bangalore is because it is have made results from all category of aspirants who are aspiring for civils, Himalai which started with just 6 students in one branch have grown up to the level of creating 25 branches in Bangalore and other main districts in Karnataka and delhi
      8. Himalai was the only institute which simplified the coaching by providing quality information about the exams and helped many to overcome the fear of competitive exams successfully by instilling the most prolific preparation environment to help the aspirants to clear the exams with ease
      9. Himalai is the one stop Solution Saved hours and hours of time spent on different platforms to gather study material, with Himalai, you get all what is required to crack the examination in the course itself
      10. Online classes – Learn on the going With easy access on laptop, mobile or tablet, you can learn anytime, anywhere Quite literally
      11. We are at your service  – Just a mail/call array! Schedule a doubt session with the subject experts by and Keshav sir just in seconds
      12. Classes are moulded around UPSC and KPSC syllabus with 100% coverage and Learn from the basis We start all lessons from the basics so all aspirants- especially beginners have a rock solid foundation of concepts
      13. Himalai was the only institute to help the working professionals to do IAS while not compromising on financial commitments and needs of earning, Weekend classes are specially meant for the working professionals who will not be having time to prepare for the exams but can spend on their leisure time in preparations.
      14. Flexibility in classes with different batches, morning, evening and afternoon sessions along with weekends. Simplified study materials are given subject wise, topic wise and concepts clarity
      15. Classes are conducted by Himalai toppers who cleared different stages of UPSC and KPSC examinations classes are conducted in Fundamentals, basics, advances and applied levels
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