UPSC Preparation for beginners It’s really great pleasure to address you for India’s most prestigious examination, indeed it’s a privilege for us to train you from Common Man to Eminent Administrators. “You are an IAS officer”… yes, you heard me right. The first thing you must do as a UPSC preparation for beginners is to believe in yourself.

      You are an IAS officer since you have already decided to become an IAS Officer and hence the approach is very positive. First know yourself like why do you want to be an IAS, as a beginner for IAS preparation you must know why do you want to be an IAS officer..?

      Is your aim for the IAS a Deep rooted desire or is it just that you want to do it… Once you win yourself understanding your intention for WHY you want to be an IAS…. then, How to become Successful IAS will follow on.

      • We shall briefly explain the importance and role of Indian Administrative and other Officers selected through UPSC CSE. IAS Officers are often referred to as ‘the backbone’ of the Indian administrative machinery.
      • They are the ones responsible for maintaining law and order, revenue administration and general administration in the area under their control.
      • They advise the political executives in the formulation and delivery of the services and welfare schemes of the government to the end-users. Serving as an intermediary between the public and government, a civil servant has to serve at the grass-root level as well as represent the country internationally in several bilateral and multilateral negotiations with equal panache.


      • Start Understanding UPSC Notification thoroughly it is an indeed a most
      • validated document for any of your doubts and confusion in regards with CSE exams
      • Parallel to this do analyse your strengths and corrective areas in context with subjective knowledge in understanding daily news articles.
      • Have a role model of your own, be inspired by it but aim better than that.
      • But never ever compare yourself with others and gauge your abilities by looking at others Failure or Success.

      As an Beginner for UPSC preparation following are the most important things to do

      1. Understanding UPSC completely and accurately –  UPSC Notification will be detailed and elaborate with all the informations in regards to the exams, starting from the eligibilities, syllabus, exam pattern, cut off marks, syllabus for prelims and mains will be so detailed that it will be the most essential part of preparation for UPSC as a beginner
      2. Understand UPSC Syllabus – UPSC cannot question any more out of the syllabus, though it is asked out of the syllabus then that percentage will be not more than 25%, possibility of asking question within the given syllabus and outside of syllabus will be 75:25 respectively.  Required marks to clear this exam is just 40%, however even if you concentrate on only the syllabus part, most of the preparation for clearing exams will be done. So please understand the syllabus of UPSC mains and UPSC prelims properly and ensure you study each and every topic from it.
      3. Study plan – UPSC preparation for the beginners should start from proper planning as a great saying “Planning is the best of success, if you fail to plan then your are planning to fail” being organised and well disciplined to execute that plan is very important and an average of 3 hours of preparation is compulsory for clearing this exams
      4. Basics – Fundamentals – Concepts – One must start the preparation from the basics of all the subjects like Indian History, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Indian Geography, Physical geography, Human Geography. Science and technology, environmental science and current affairs. Start understanding the subject from the basics focusing on Class 6th to 12th NCERT syllabus
      5. Current affairs – daily current affairs are very important to be updated, reading news paper, watching news channels, listening to radio news and doing all the activities that are needed to understand the current affairs are important. Follow any single newspaper, news channel and radio channel for news. Many a note of National affairs, International affairs, regional affairs and all the important persons and events in the news. Also make a note of Government scheme and development programs
      6. Practice test papers – Test is the bridge that fills the gap between to be prepared and prepared for the exams, test will make sure your learning as per the exams standards, merely just preparing for the exams is not important but applying them in reality is important, that’s where the test series role will come into picture.
      7. Attempt different competitive exams – UPSC is considered as mother of all competitive exams in India and when you prepare for such an examination it will be compulsory for you to appear for the different exams conducted by UPSC, SSC, Banking and other state and central government exams before appearing to IAS exams, this will enhance your confidence and improve the performance “ the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
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