Well, you have already decided to become an IAS officer, Focusing on UPSC Prelims 2023, First know yourself like why do you want to be an IAS, is your aim for IAS is so Deep rooted desire or just want to do it…?

Once you win yourself understanding your intention for WHY you want to be an IAS…. then, How to become a Successful IAS will follow you. Serving as an intermediary between the public and government, a civil servant has to serve at the grass-root level as well as represent the country internationally in several bilateral and multilateral negotiations with equal panache.
Next….! Start counting the time for UPSC Prelims 2023
For UPSC Prelims 2023 you need to Start Understanding UPSC Notification thoroughly. It is indeed a most validated document for any of your doubts and confusion in regards with CSE exams.
Parallel to this do analyze your strengths and corrective areas in context with subjective knowledge in understanding daily news articles.
Have a role model of your own, be inspired by it but aim better than that. but never ever compare yourself with others and gauge your abilities by looking at others Failure or Success.
“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”


As I have stated above, apart from meeting the eligibility conditions of UPSC, the only prerequisite to become an officer is to have a DREAM and deeply aspire to become one.
However, once you have taken the decision to start on this journey, there are a few tips that if followed will take you closer to your goal and give you an edge over your competitors. They are as follows:
Discipline: for UPSC Prelims 2023 The journey of this examination is so long that until and unless an aspirant instills discipline in his/her life, it would get rather difficult to meet the various short-term and long-term goals spread out for an average of three years.
Consistency: With Discipline comes Consistency. The journey of this examination is so long-drawn that consistency is key to achieving results. For UPSC Prelims 2023 Quality matters over Quantity and therefore maximizing the number of study hours each day is not as important as maintaining consistency of a much smaller number of study hours for every day of the journey.

1. Mental Strength: The journey of the Civil Services Examination is such that it can test an aspirant’s character, determination, passion and patience all at the same time. Hence, an aspirant must be very strong mentally in order to endure the failures that can well be a part of this journey. To not be bogged down by tough times and get back with a renewed vigor is a part of every aspirant’s life and is a must to survive in the world of CSE for UPSC Prelims 2023

2. Patience: For UPSC Prelims 2023 With mental strength comes patience which is the most important quality an aspirant must possess to be able to find a place for himself/herself in the final rank list. Patience never lets you give-up and renews faith in your own capabilities. Good things come to those who wait and every aspirant shall be rewarded eventually.

3. Newspaper Reading: This is the first concrete step towards achieving your goal. Daily reading of any one standard newspaper is a MUST. There are umpteen numbers of advantages of Newspaper reading and the ones specific to CSE are improved vocabulary, increased general awareness, framing an opinion on important issues and developing a perspective. Also, a big chunk of questions asked in both prelims and mains are directly from the newspapers making them indispensable. For UPSC Prelims 2023

4. Peer Group: Maintaining a healthy peer group is essential in cracking the Civil Services. An aspirant must strike a balance between isolated study and discussions with a competent peer group with the same goals as the one who is preparing for UPSC Prelims 2023. This helps a lot in knowing the level of competition around, gaining a better and different insight on various issues and ultimately better their own preparation with useful inputs from others.

5. UPSC Syllabus: Every aspirant must possess a copy of the entire syllabus of the UPSC CSE and for UPSC Prelims 2023 read it so many times that one ultimately memorizes it. This helps an aspirant immensely in choosing the right material from a plethora of resources available for this exam and enables an aspirant to effectively differentiate between what is important for this exam and what is not.

6. Optional: An aspirant is required to spend enough time in deciding his/her optional as it carries substantial marks in the Mains Examination and can sway the end result in any direction. The main factors to be considered for selecting an UPSC Prelims 2023 and Optional are one’s level of interest in the subject, comfort in studying it thoroughly, time available and the possibility of securing the maximum marks.

7. Follow a Good Strategy: In this field, Smart Work pays off more than Hard Work and hence following a fool-proof strategy is a must. An aspirant must acquaint oneself with the syllabus of the exam thoroughly and then go through the previous year question papers to develop an understanding of the type of questions asked in both UPSC 2023 prelims and mains examinations. After which the aspirant is best advised to commence his/her preparation at least a year in advance and adapt an integrated approach of studying both prelims and mains together and focus on prelims only three months prior to it.

8. Holistic Approach: The entire journey of Civil Services can be so overwhelming that it can really exhaust an aspirant both mentally and physically. This is why it is of paramount importance for every aspirant to judiciously blend their hobbies and leisure activities with their preparation for UPSC Prelims 2023. Pursuing any hobby that does not demand too much time and maintaining a healthy lifestyle go a long way in producing better results. Occasional breaks and holidays are a must to refresh and return with renewed vigor.

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