It’s really great pleasure to address you for India’s prestigious examination, indeed it’s a privilege of us to train the individuals as a Common Man to Eminent Administrators.  “You are an IAS officer” … yes, you heard me right. Join the Top IAS coaching in Bangalore and India, you are an IAS officer since you have already decided to become Officer and hence the approach is very positive and energetic. Himalai IAS classes in Bangalore is the Top Ranked IAS Coaching in Bangalore and India making Indian Administrators since 1998 and produced 2000+ results.

Which is the top IAS institution in Bangalore to join is the biggest confusion you will have Once you win yourself understanding you intention for WHY you want to be an IAS…. then, how to become Successful IAS will follow you with the top IAS coaching in Bangalore Right guidance, right support and proper monitoring of the preparations makes you successful IAS officer. We at Himalai provide you all the which are needed to clear the exams hence our proven methodologies have made us India’s top IAS institution

IAS 2021 trends and analysis are very important to know before and then Start Understanding UPSC Notification thoroughly it is an indeed a most validated document for any of your doubts and confusion in concerned with CSE exams. Parallel to this do analyze your strengths and corrective areas in context with subjective knowledge in understanding daily news articles then you can plan your preparation for IAS 2022 examination.

For clearing IAS 2022 prelims all you need to do is to Have a role model of your own, be inspired by it but aim better than that. but never ever compare yourself with others and gauge your abilities by looking at others Failure or Success.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” 

Planning is the best way of executing the tasks, have a small task and fix a target to achieve it. Top IAS coaching in Bangalore like Himalai will provide a Highly systematic and well-organized timetable which is totally personalized. Here at Himalai IAS 2022 prelims are conducted in the month of June.

How to clear IAS prelims 2022 will be the major challenge in clearing this exams is all about understanding the syllabus and focusing more on the Planning and preparation right away to be focused on the target and achievement, IAS prelims 2022 consists of Multiple choice questions each carrying 4 options for 100 questions all the questions are based on two types of subject Static and Dynamic subjects. we provide the classes on the order analysis made of previous year question papers will brings out right way of learning about IAS and KAS examination better with Best IAS and KAS coaching centre in Bangalore and India.

Top IAS classes at Himalai we provide a distinguished training for static and dynamic subjects focusing on Current Affairs and Application, soon after completion of each subject we conduct Test series on three standards

Fundamental level

Advanced level

Applied level questions

Every question will be having 100 questions which are particularly focused only on one subject. Followed by this performance and analysis will help students to understand and analyze their abilities, this innovative mechanism made Himalai as a top IAS coaching institutions in Bangalore and India.

Prelims IAS exams are more on MCQ and having Negative marking as a penalty for wrong marking, it is important to safeguard the right answers against to giving wrong marking. generally, a student will be panicked to fill the answer OMR just to fill the sheet and look completed. here the students will be lead bothered about Negative marking and rush to give more wrong answers and another challenge of this exams is about Time Management

as IAS prelims being more on timeline within 120 minutes one must answer 100 questions which are based on many subjects like History, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Indian Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental science and ecology, Science and technology and also current affairs of one year like National level, International levels, Regional level and some famous personalities in news from all the sources which are recorded Nationally and Internationally. 

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