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IAS exam is one of the toughest exams to crack and it is no wonder that the ones who clear it are treated as super humans. Often, we hear stories about how impossible a task it is to crack this exam and tend to believe them as we actually see some of our friends or relatives burning the night lamps to achieve this dream of becoming a civil servant. Continue reading to find information about the best IAS Academy in Bangalore and one of the best IAS Coaching in India.

Best IAS Coaching In India

Believe it or not, you can actually crack the IAS exam if you have the will and the right guidance to do so. If you live in Bangalore, you are all the luckier. Bangalore offers some of the best IAS Coaching in India. With Himalai Classes- IAS Academy in Bangalore, one of the best IAS Coaching centers in Bangalore, you can be sure of achieving your dream of becoming a civil servant.

There are a lot of IAS and IPS Coaching in Bangalore, Chennai and other cities. Choose us for the best IAS and IPS Coaching in Bangalore. Choosing the right academy by ensuring it has the following features:

Why Himalai Classes?

  1. With its proven track record, it undoubtedly is the best IAS academy in Bangalore.
  2. Your career is in safe hands as the classes here are taught by the civil service exam toppers.
  3. Students are trained for the Civil Services interview round.
  4. No preparation is complete without revision. Regular revision tests are conducted to check the candidate's progress.
  5. Personalized one-to-one discussions with experts.
  6. Flexible classes – Himalai classes offer flexible timings. So whether you are working full time or a recent graduate, you can choose class timings accordingly.

IAS Exam Eligibility: According to the IAS Exam Eligibility all candidates must at least have a Bachelor’s degree from any university recognized by the Government of India. A candidate must have attained 21 years of age to appear for the UPSC examination according to the IAS Exam Eligibility. For OBC, the upper age limit is 35 and for SC and ST the limit is 37 years. Candidates belonging to open category have 6 attempts while the OBC candidates have 9 attempts. SC and ST candidates can attempt as many times as they ant till they reach the upper age limit.

It is important to check the IAS Exam eligibility before taking any decision regarding the exam. IAS Exam eligibility should also be checked to avoid getting disappointed later.

IAS exam is one of the most sought-after exams in our country and it is common to see a lot of youngsters putting years of hard work to become an IAS officer. The age and number of attempts criteria for ones having reservation varies. If you have decided to tread the civil services path, do not waste any further time fretting over best IAS Coaching in India. You now have all the details of one of the best IAS coaching in India and definitely the best IAS Academy in Bangalore. The good news is Himalai classes also have branches in Delhi. So depending on where you live, enroll yourself in one of their branches of the best IAS coaching in India.


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