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UPSC Exam Pattern

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The UPSC Exam Pattern is a slightly tricky one and hence, it is necessary that one understands it in detail. The IAS examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission each year and is regarded as the highest level difficulty examination in the country. It tests the general knowledge as well as the basic aptitude of each student. This examination requires deep knowledge of the government policies and recent developments within it. It is considered a highly rewarding examination for individuals who secure a decent rank. UPSC Exam Pattern is not an easy milestone in one’s life but once it is crossed with dedication and regular hard work, you are bound to receive good results.

Does the UPSC Exam Pattern change frequently?

As per information provided by KPSC Coaching Centers in Bangalore, the UPSC Exam Pattern has changed consistently over the years and the changes are informed to the students by the KPSC Coaching Centers in Bangalore. Past UPSC toppers have taken their training from KPSC Coaching Centers in Bangalore itself and have proven to be successful IAS officers. With several branches in and around the city, KPSC Coaching Centers in Bangalore teach strictly according to the UPSC Exam Pattern with classroom session and weekday as well as weekend batches. They also provide foundation courses for college going students and hold remedial classes for those facing difficulties.

UPSC Exam Pattern and its stages:

  1. Preliminary Examination:
    • General Studies- 200 marks
    • Civil Service Aptitude Test- 200 marks
  2. Main Examination
    • English- 300 marks
    • Indian Language- 300 marks
    • Essay- 250 marks
    • General Studies- 1000 marks
    • Optional Subject- 500 marks
  3. Interview- 275 marks

The provision of an online test series is the latest addition to the teaching pattern of KPSC Coaching Centers in Bangalore. The online tests can be given from anywhere and are checked instantly with the correct answers. They also suggest questions to strengthen the student’s weak areas and make them practice for their desired result. The centers in Bangalore also provide written assessments and tests to enhance the student’s ability to finish the paper in a stipulated period of time. We stress on the teacher-student bond and impart knowledge with the use of latest technology, but traditional methods to uphold the integrity of the country.


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