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UPSC Civil Service

    Updated Vacancies of UPSC Civil Service

    UPSC vacancies are the most awaited detail of the UPSC official notification. IAS aspirants eagerly wait to check the IAS vacancies for every year. As, IAS vacancies represents the chances of getting into civil services.

  • The commission will publish the UPSC notification with civil service vacancies after consulting the Cadre Controlling Authorities (CCAs). In addition, the UPSC official notification will also include other exam details like IAS eligibility, exam process etc.
  • Moreover, the civil service vacancies given in UPSC official notification is a combined vacancy list for all services. UPSC will later assign service based on candidate’s service preference and IAS ranking.
  • In the UPSC notification 2018, there were around 782 civil service vacancies. This was the least number of UPSC vacancies in the 10 years.
  • By referring to previous IAS exam official notification, you can expect an average of 900+ civil service vacancies every year.

Year wise IAS vacancy details

Sl. No. Year Vacancies
1 2014 1291
2 2015 1129
3 2016 1079
4 2017 908
5 2018 782
6 2019 896

IAS Service Allocation

IAS service allocation mainly depends on candidate’s order of service preference, ranking and the civil service vacancies available. UPSC allots the civil service in order of IAS exam exam ranking and reservation. The reservation for civil services will be applicable as per UPSC norms.

Further, in the Detailed Application Form (DAF) candidates have to mention the order of preference of services. So, filling the order of preference is crucial for IAS service allocation.

At Himalai IAS coaching, we have aided many students in filling the DAF with proven strategies to get the best civil service position possible.

Civil Service organization Hierarchy

‘It is good to have the power to bring a change! because the world needs more of it’.

Indian Civil services works on similar principle, by giving the power to the young IAS officers. So, that they bring the needed change to the society.

Thus, even from the entry level civil service officers are placed at a highly authorized and decision making positions. The civil service officers recruited through IAS exam work under following civil service organization hierarchy.

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