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Why IAS, NDA classes for grade 8th to 12th studying children at Himalai

50% IAS, IPS, NDA, KAS young officers parents are in Government service

  • Indian Administrative Service officers and Defence Service officers who recruited comes from families whose parents are in government service

  • Venkat retired as an Air Commodore, his son become a flying officer in Indian Air force, and Krishnan serving as Brigadier, son selected for lieutenant in Indian Army

  • Bedobani Chaudari IRS- IT, father was an IAS officer and Sandeep IAS, father was a Superintendent of Police.

  • Shankar Bidari former IPS, daughter is IAS, the son is IPS, (Son in Law is IPS, Daughter in Law is IAS)

  • Parents who are in Government service like to perpetuate their elite power, continue with social recognition to their children

  • While enrolling children to school and college, parents will make educational and career plan to their children. While growing parents will inculcate same to their children.

  • Parents Preplan, bigger dreams, higher ambitions make their children occupy elite government positions in Civil Service list and Defense Service list

  • Farmer son can become IPS, Grocer’s daughter can become IAS, Security guard son can become IRS, Housemaid daughter can become IFS

  • BE/Btech is good for Indian Administrative Service and Indian Defence Services. 60 percent of newly recruited candidates background is BE/Btech.

  • Engineers select scoring optionals like sociology, Anthropology, Public administration for IAS. Mathematics compulsory subject for NDA.

  • Himalai providing answer writing practice for entrance examinations: JEE, NEET, State Common Entrance Tests

  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology good combinations for Class XII

  • Himalai providing answer writing practice for grade 8th to 12th board exams: entrance examinations:Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology * as preferred by parents and students

  • Himalai providing answer writing practice for board examinations grade 8th to 12th