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KAS Exam Overview

What is KAS?

KAS stands for Karnataka Administrative Service, a state administrative body consisting of civil servants who manage the Karnataka government affairs. In short, they support Karnataka government in administration. It is a position with high authority and privileges. Also, no other sector can compare to advantages given in civil services. This attracts many to choose civil services as a prospective career and take up KAS exam.

What is KAS exam?

KAS exam is a merit-based recruitment process for Karnataka Administrative Service. It is a three-stage exam process for selecting suitable candidates for administrative positions. Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) is the exam conducting board for KAS exams. The KAS exam process seems challenging but with the right guidance, it will turn into a simple process. That is why many choose to join a KAS coaching center for KAS preparation.

What is KPSC?

KPSC stands for Karnataka Public Service Commission (full form of KPSC). KPSC is the state organization which handles the recruitment process of Karnataka government. It recruits candidates through competitive exams and departmental exams in state level only (State Government Exams). For example, KPSC conducts the Karnataka FDA exam for recruiting First division assistants. Likewise, KAS exam is a part of KPSC recruitment process. KPSC consists of 13 chairmen and 67 members and the working office of KPSC is at 'Udyoga Soudha' Bangalore.

History of KPSC

The idea of forming an authority for recruitment to state civil services began in 1921. That is when the Mysore Government created a ‘central authority’ to advise the government in state civil service recruitment. They named the authority as the 'central recruitment board'. After independence, the Karnataka Government reformed this board to form the present ‘Karnataka public service commission’ in 1951.

From the start, KPSC follows a rule that 'all direct KPSC recruitment will be based only on the marks secured by the candidate in KPSC exams' and not by any other methods. Hence, your chance of becoming a KAS officer solely depends on your KAS preparation.

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