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KAS Optional Subject List

How many optional subjects are there in KAS?

KPSC offers 30 different KAS optional subject choices. However, an aspirant has to choose one KAS subject as optional for the KAS mains.

The KAS optional subject list

Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Co-operation and Sericulture Geology
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Physics
Botany Political Science & International Relations
Chemistry Psychology
Civil Engineering Public Administration
Commerce Sociology
Criminology Statistics
Economics Zoology
Electrical Engineering Rural Development & Co-operation
Geography Hindi
Law Anthropology
Mathematics Urdu
History Kannada
Mechanical Engineering English
Philosophy Management

Which is the best optional for KAS Karnataka?

By taking the KAS exam pattern into account, the selection of KPSC optional has a lot of significance in the KAS main preparation strategy. Moreover, there is no one ‘easy KAS optional’ or ‘Best KAS optional’ to choose. It depends on you. So, pick a KPSC optional which will be interesting and comfortable for you. The KAS subject may or may not be from your academic background.

Remember, this is the only subject in KAS mains that is left for the candidate’s choice, so it should opt wisely. Again, if the KAS optional choice is general subjects like agriculture, economics or history etc., it will help in KAS mains general studies part.

Things you should know about your KAS optional subject.

  • Knowing the pros and cons of that KAS subject
  • How to score high in KAS mains optional
  • Right source for KAS preparations

Our Himalai KAS students have cleared KAS exam with high marks in the KPSC optional subject. Himalai IAS KAS coaching expert counseling will guide to your right KAS optional subject, for you to clear KAS exam with top rank.

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Here are top five KAS subject with a high success rate as KAS optional!

KAS optional Sociology:

Here is why Sociology is the best optional for KAS. The main aim of selecting the KPSC optional is to get a helping hand for scoring high in KAS mains. KAS Sociology is the study of human society which includes patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture. For answering KAS questions of this subject, you just need your experience.

That is, you would have learned most of the topics gradually as you have grown up in society. All most all of the KAS sociology optional syllabus will look very relevant and known to us. These KAS questions will gauge your opinion from the development point of view.

KAS optional sociology is a subject with lots of advantages and fewer disadvantages. At Himalai KAS coaching we are experts in KAS optional Sociology. Many of our students have scored high marks in this KAS optional making us the best KAS Sociology optional coaching in Bangalore and in Karnataka.

Download KAS Mains Sociology optional Syllabus

PFA: (Attachment/ KAS Sociology/syllabus)

Download KAS Mains Sociology previous year question paper

KAS Optional Rural Development:

Is KAS Rural Development is one of the best optional paper for KAS Mains?

Yes, KAS Rural Development is a really good subject. Indeed, it is a helpful subject to score highest marks in KAS Mains. As you will have the basic knowledge of the subject from the General Studies of KAS mains paper 2. This overlapping of KAS mains subject will definitely be time-saving. Rural Development KAS optional syllabus is also less and easy to understand. The topics in this KPSC optional includes rural development, rural administration, rural living, rural poverty, rural economic conditions and social life and more.

Here, you can answer the KAS optional questions of Rural Development with a minimum understanding of rural life. Rural development is one of the popular optional for KAS in Himalai KAS coaching center. As we provide the best KAS Rural Development optional coaching in Bangalore.

Download KAS Mains Rural Development optional Syllabus

PFA: (Attachment/ KAS Rural Development/syllabus)

Download KAS Mains Rural Development previous year question paper

KAS Optional Kannada Literature:

Kannada literature is definitely a good KAS optional for scoring in KAS mains. But, this KAS optional subject is kind of tricky. KPSC Kannada subject is static and KAS syllabus is also less. Moreover, studying this KPSC optional will help in Kannada language papers of KAS mains. The subject includes basic Kannada grammar, history of art, culture, and literature of Kannada, brief history of Karnataka and more. Also, Kannada as KAS optional will give you an opportunity to explore the rich royalty of the kings, rulers, and heritage. Hence, this KAS subject will be ideal for people who have good basic knowledge of Kannada and have an interest in literature.

This is a common choice of KAS optional for most of Kannada medium candidates. With the launch of KAS Kannada medium classes at Himalai KAS coaching, we have been able to achieve the position of best KAS Kannada optional coaching in Bangalore.

Download KAS Mains Kannada Literature optional Syllabus

PFA: (Attachment/ KAS Kannada Literature /syllabus)

Download KAS Mains Kannada Literature previous year question paper

PFA: (Attachment/ KAS Kannada Literature /question paper)

KAS Optional Public Administration:

KAS Public administration is one of the most popular KAS optional choice for many aspirants. As the KAS question will be straightforward and the topics can be understood easily. Many of the topics from this KAS optional overlaps with many general studies syllabus part of KAS mains.

Above all, for a public administrative job position studying public administration makes sense. So, this KAS optional subject will also help you when you become a KAS officer. Knowing this KAS subject can also give you an upper hand in KAS interview. The topics include Indian Administration, Public Services, Structure of Organizations and more.

Download KAS Mains Public Administration optional Syllabus

PFA: (Attachment/ KAS Public Administration/syllabus)

Download KAS Mains Public Administration previous year question paper

KAS Optional Anthropology

KAS Anthropology is famous KAS optional among science background students. The KAS optional questions are direct and the KAS optional syllabus is also optimum. Also, it covers many topics from biology and biotechnology which will help in general studies of KAS mains. Again, it will also aid in writing the topics of KAS essay papers.

You can easily answer the KAS optional Anthropology questions if you follow the basic KAS current affairs topics. For example cow slaughter or ban on beef, which is relevant anthropology topics.

In our experience, many who have a science background or who have a great interest in human evolutions were able to secure high marks easily with just basics knowledge. For two decades we have maintained our position as the best KAS coaching center for KAS optional Anthropology.

Download KAS Mains Anthropology optional Syllabus

PFA: (Attachment/ KAS Anthropology/syllabus)

Download KAS Mains Anthropology previous year question paper

PFA: (Attachment/ KAS Anthropology/question paper)

If you are opting a KPSC optional out of your academic background, then these KAS optional subjects might be right for you. Because you can understand the basics of the KAS subject easily. Keep in mind that presentation and diplomatic way of answering are equally important as the covering the KAS optional syllabus.

In Himalai KAS coaching center, we take special care in coaching for KAS Mains and especially for KAS optional subjects. We ensure to provide plenty of writing practice test and KAS preparation tips for better scoring.

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