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IES Preparation Tips

If your an engineer with a passion to serve the nation, then IES is the best choice for you. So,

How to start preparing for IES?

To start your IES preparation first, you need to create a planner for your study. A good IES planner will guide your IES preparation in the right direction. So, take your time in creating a good IES planner. Here are a few key points you need to keep in mind while preparing your IES planner.

IES Exam Process

In the beginning, every IES aspirants come across many questions like:
Is ESE and IES different?
How IES exam is conducted?
Is there any age limit for IES?

First, it is important to learn about the IES examination procedure. Knowing, what is IES?
IES exam stages
other IES exam information
These essential of IES form the foundations of your IES preparation.
UPSC constantly changes and updates IES exam trends. So, always have a watchful eye on the latest updates of IES examination. (Contact us for latest UPSC updates )

IES Exam Dates

For creating any planner, knowing the timeline is crucial. UPSC has a disciplined way of conducting the IES exam. So, you can predict the IES exam tentative dates. Create a smart IES planner which will keep you a step ahead in IES preparation.

IES Revised Syllabus

You need to be familiar with the updated IES exam syllabus to create a study plan. Understanding, what are the subjects for IES exam and topics of the UPSC IES syllabus will make your IES preparation much easier. This will help you to make subject wise and topic wise daily goals. At Himalai IES coaching center, we understand the latest trends of UPSC updations and provide coaching accordingly. Which made us the top IES coaching in India.

IES Study Material

It is a written rule that all UPSC study material should be from a trusted source. You can find many free IES study material and free IES book online. But, these may mislead your IES preparations and wastes your time & energy.
Be sure that you are referring to the right ESE books according to your engineering subject. At Himalai IES coaching (training) center, Our IES study material is simple and concise for better understanding and only follow reliable source.

IES Previous Year Question Paper

By referring and solving IES old question paper. You will get a clear idea of
How many questions are there in IES exam syllabus?
How many marks are there in IES exam syllabus?
So, before planning the planner go through the IES old question paper.

You will be all set to plan an IES exam planner with this IES information. But, along with an IES planner you need reliable guidance for your IES preparations. At Himalai IES coaching, we will guide the dos and don’ts of UPSC IES preparation.

At Himalai IES academy, we are always equipped with IES new pattern, IES new syllabus and preparation methods that ensure your success. We start our IES training from teaching the basics like ‘IES meaning’. Our teaching methods are unique. This made us the top IES coaching in Bangalore.

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