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IES career option

Is IES a good career option?

Before you decide on a career option after engineering, you should know what are the responsibilities of that position. So, What does IES officer do?
IES officers are the pillars of Indian infrastructure and technological advancements. Indian engineering services are the builders of future India.
In particular, the functions of an IES officer depends on their service division/ department. Like railways, road & highways, military and more. Also, the functions of an IES officer depends on their engineering discipline.

For example, What is IES in Railways for civil engineers :
At Entry level as an IES officer, you can be an assistant division head with many junior engineers assisting you. Here you need both technical skill and managerial skills. You will be responsible for the structures (Bridges, tunnels etc.,) which will fall under your jurisdictions.

If you are an engineer, passionate about joining the best engineering career then IES is best for you. Indian engineering service presents the best opportunity for growth as well as best privileges.

Your dream of a core engineering career can be reached only by clearing the engineering service exam. Himalai IES coaching center, the best IES coaching center in Bangalore will always be ready to help you reach your IES dream.

There are many young aspirants who start their IES preparation from an early stage. So, they will have the question of ‘which engineering branch is best for future?’ or ‘Which engineering branch is best for government jobs?’

Irrespective of branches, all engineers have their own advantages. Moreover, engineers are eligible for many engineering government job opportunities. But, IES is always the top choice. (Register now to know your eligibility for all the government exam!)

As for which branch of engineering is best for UPSC IES?
Your engineering background does not matter for the Indian Engineering service . As the UPSC has not set any restriction on engineering discipline for IES exam. With proper dedication and planning you can definitely clear IES exam.

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