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IAS Exam Overview

What is IAS exam?

Before you think of IAS exam? you should know what IAS is?

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the premier service of Indian civil service. They lead major central and state departments as administrators of Indian Government. Civil service is a highly authorized position with numerous privileges.

So, for recruiting young and dynamic minds for civil services, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts an annual merit-based recruitment process called IAS exam or civil services exam.

Indian civil services are the most prestigious and privileged career option for any individual. It presents an opportunity for self-growth as well as a means to serve the nation and to bring a change in society. This aspires many young minds to join the Indian civil services and to take up UPSC exam.

UPSC Preparation tips

When you decide to take up UPSC exam, the next question you face is “How to prepare for IAS exam?”

Here are some time-tested UPSC preparation tips by experts

The process of IAS preparation may seem like swimming the ocean from one end to another end. But as you dive in, you will realize that with dedication and right guidance your IAS destination is not that far-fetched.

UPSC exam preparation tip 1: Create a study planner

Know where to begin? What is important and what is not? What should be the priority? Planning the layouts of your UPSC preparation is crucial; many candidates end up calling off the exam just by ignoring this initial step. To start your planning, you need a clear understanding of the UPSC exam process and required IAS exam eligibility.

Next, mark the UPSC notification release, registration, IAS exam tentative (Predicted) date. Once your IAS exam timeline is set, plan a detailed layout of your UPSC preparation. Depending on duration, make realistic daily, weekly and monthly goals. Concentrate on planning, if you want your UPSC preparations to go on smoothly

As the best IAS coaching institute in Bangalore, we know the significance of the planning process. So, at Himalai IAS coaching center in Bangalore, we provide unique study plans for every student through individual counseling sessions.

UPSC exam preparation tip 2: Balanced IAS exam preparation

Manage your way through your study plan in a stress-free manner

Yes, to ace in UPSC exam you need to be knowledgeable, To gain theoretical knowledge, don’t isolate yourself from the world. This will not work, as you need to be aware of current happenings in and around the globe. You need to find a balance between theoretical learning and UPSC current affairs.

Further, what you refer for learning will also matter the most.There are tons of free UPSC study material to download and IAS books available online. But referring multiple resources will only obstruct your learning and leave you in a confused state. Rely only on a trusted and good source for your IAS study materials and books. For this balanced IAS exam preparation, you need proper guidance and a good source for seeking advice in every matter regarding the IAS exam.

Follow these IAS preparation tips by experts to ensure your success in IAS exam. With 20 years’ experience in civil service coaching, we have been placed at the apex of the top ten IAS coaching institution. Over the years we have guided numerous students through the process of becoming an IAS officer. Your name can be in our next IAS topper list!

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