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IAS Exam Stages

Over the years, UPSC has constantly updated its IAS exam trends. In Himalai IAS Institute, we are in step with every UPSC exam trend change. Our updated UPSC exam trends and analysis has made us unique among other IAS coaching centers in Bangalore.

STAGE 1 - IAS prelims

  • UPSC IAS Prelims is the initial stage of IAS exam. So, it is the doorway for your civil service destination.
  • UPSC prelims stage is common for both civil services exam (CSE) and Indian Forest Service exam (IFoS). Thus, eligible candidates can plan and attempt both of the UPSC exams. This will increase the Indian civil services (ICS) success rate.
  • UPSC prelims is a screening process for IAS mains. So, only prelims clearing candidates are qualified to appear for IAS Mains.
  • As IAS prelims exam is a qualifying paper, UPSC will not count IAS prelims marks for the final IAS results/ ranking.
  • IAS prelims consist of two papers General Studies (GS) and the Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT). Where IAS-GS will check your general knowledge and IAS-CSAT will assess your logical and reasoning ability.
  • Civil service prelims focus on current affairs, factual basic concepts, test common sense and understanding of the facts.
  • With recent changes UPSC prelims assessment, UPSC will evaluate CSAT paper first. So, candidates must qualify CSAT with a minimum of 33% marks to get their GS paper evaluated.

STAGE 2 - IAS Mains

  • IAS mains is the deciding stage, as it carries a major portion of the marks considered for your final IAS ranking.
  • Candidates who have cleared IAS prelims are eligible of IAS Mains. UPSC mains is all about understanding and relating the trends of current affairs, contemporary changes, and developments made in recent times.
  • It tests the candidate’s social responsibility based on their perspective and interpretation of the current grievances.
  • Here, selection of UPSC optional subject plays a key role in final UPSC ranking. Choose the subject which is comfortable for you from the UPSC optional list
  • The commission only invites candidates selected from IAS mains for the IAS interview process.
  • E-summons are issued for the IAS mains clearing candidates. Also, E-summons will have scheduled IAS interview date and time. (UPSC will not entertain any changes)

STAGE 3 - IAS Interview

  • The final stage in your civil service exam journey is UPSC interview or UPSC personality test.
  • The aim of the IAS interview is to check that candidates are suitable to handle the responsibility of a civil service officer.
  • The commission will verify age proof, educational certificates, caste certificates and other required documents before the civil service main interview.
  • UPSC interview board, a panel of prestigious judges who will assess the candidate’s qualities of leadership, the area of interest, alertness, judgment, honesty and moral integrity.
  • UPSC interview questions are neither a test of knowledge nor a test of intelligence; it is more than a sum of both.
  • Confidence, body language, and presentation of answers are also crucial for UPSC interview selection.

Year wise IAS vacancy details

Stage Subject Marks
UPSC Prelims General Studies 200
CSAT 200
UPSC Mains English 300
Indian Language 300
Essay 250
General Studies 1000
Optional Subject 500
UPSC Interview Personality test 275
Total (Mains + Interview) 2025
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