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Civil Services Exam
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For how many services one can indicate his/her preference?

A candidate shall be required to mandatorily indicate order of preferences for all the services participating in the Civil Services Exam for the year, in the application form for main examination. No preference, zero preference and the same order of preference for two or more services shall not be allowed in any case.

Whether success in Civil Service Exam creates indefeasible right for appointment?

  • No change in preferences of services once indicated by a candidate would be permitted.

I have not indicated preferences for all the service for CSE 2017. What will happen if I do not get service for which I have indicated preference?

  • You will be considered for allocation of service against remaining services where vacancies are available after allocations of all the candidates who could be allocated to those cadres in accordance with their preferences.

What is Service allocation from Reserve List ?

  • Reserved Category candidate who qualify on General Merit, are adjusted against unreserved vacancies. But in case some GM/MRC candidates do not get service of their higher preference in UR category, they are allowed to switch over to their own category leaving vacant slots. In order to meet such situation, UPSC maintains to lists equal to number of GM candidate – one of GM candidates and other of Reserved Category candidates. These lists are called Reserved List.

When requisitions are sent by DOPT to UPSC for recommending names from Reserve List?

  • Requisition is sent to UPSC when after service allocation from CSE (Main) List, it becomes clear as to whether a particular GM candidate has been allocated service against unreserved vacancy or has switched over to his/her category.
  • Service allocation to a particular candidate is depending on rank of the candidate in CSE, his/ her order of preference for service, his/her category, availability of vacancy in his/her category at his /her turn and findings of Medical Board/Appellate Board in respect of him/her.

Whether success in Civil Service Examination creates indefeasible right for appointment?

  • No. Success in the IAS Exam does not confer indefeasible right for appointment unless Govt. is satisfied after such enquiry as may be considered necessary that the candidate having regard to his character & antecedents is suitable in all respects for appointments to the service.
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