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KAS Exam

Himalai KAS Mentorship Program

At Himalai KAS coaching classes, you can boost your success rate in KAS exam with our exclusive KAS Mentorship program. As part of KAS training, our experts will closely monitor your KAS preparation from the date you join Himalai KAS coaching center till you become KAS officers. The core of this mentorship is our belief that “we can change your life so you change many other as a KAS officer”. Because of our values, we are able to guide our students to their civil service dream.

The features of this KAS exam specialized training program includes:

  1. Selective KAS training for the qualified aspirants only
  2. KAS Study Materials – for simple and better understanding
  3. KAS Preparation – Closely monitoring on “what to study and what not to study”.
  4. Exceptional KAS Test series
  5. Timely KAS Preparatory exams
  6. Special KAS mains writing Practice
  7. Evaluation and discussion of KAS exam question and answers
  8. Analyzing performance for better KAS training for best results
  9. Daily KAS current affairs topics guidance
  10. Expert advice for selecting standard KPSC books for KAS preparation
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