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GCL: Great Concepts Learning for IAS, KAS

Semester 1 consists

  • IAS Mains General Studies ‐ I: Indian Heritage, Culture, History, Geography of the World and Society

  • IAS, KAS Prelims: Indian History, Culture, Geography

  • IAS optional paper – I

  • KAS Mains: General Studies‐ 1*
    1. History & Cultural Heritage ( India and Karnataka)
    2. Social & Political Perspective
    3. Indian Economy - Planning, Rural Development, Data Collection Analysis and Interpretation

  • * Preferred by student bilingual Kannada and English medium

Semester 2 Consists

  • IAS Mains General Studies‐ II: Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations

  • IAS, KAS Prelims: Indian Polity and Governance, International Relations / Agreements

  • IAS optional paper – II

  • KAS Mains: General Studies‐II*
    1. Physical Features and Natural Resources
    2. Overview of Indian Constitution
    3. Public Administration & Management, International Relations

  • * Preferred by student bilingual Kannada and English medium

Semester 3 Consists

  • IAS Mains General Studies‐III: Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management

  • IAS, KAS Prelims: Economy, Science and Technology, General Science, Ecology and Environment

  • IAS, KAS: General Studies - III: Ethics, Essay

  • KAS Mains: General Studies ‐ III*
    1. Role and Impact of Science and Technology in Development of India, information Technology in Public Domain
    2. Advancement and Modern Trends In Natural Science, Life Science, Agriculture Science, Health and Hygiene
    3. Challenges and Issues of Development on Environment and Ecology

  • * Preferred by student bilingual Kannada and English medium