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What is the difference between IAS and IES?

Government sectors present many opportunities in many domains, you have to decide which is the best career after graduation. There so many government exams, it is beyond one’s imagination. (Contact us today to know your eligibility for all the government exam!) However, IAS exam and IES exam are the most popular among all other government exams. Especially for engineering jobs, these are most opted. But, which to choose between them.
Is IES equal to IAS? Or Is IAS better than IES? So, What is the difference? To be fair, these services can’t be compared. As both are completely from different domains. But, for you to choose here is the comparison of IAS and IES,

Domain: Indian administrative service (IAS) is a part of Indian civil services (ICS) which is an administrative position. So, does IES come under civil services?
No, Indian engineering services (IES full form) is a technical service. It is in a separate domain than IAS.

Recruitment: IAS recruitment is through the Civil Service Exam (CSE). IES recruitment is through the Engineering service exam (ESE). UPSC conducts both of the exams.

Authority: An IAS officer administers the government department which is under their jurisdiction. IAS officer has authority to take decisions in their concerned departments. IES officer responsibilities will be the development of infrastructure in their judirection. They will have the authority to take decisions in their concerned departments.

IES officers have a good opportunity to travel abroad and if needed they can even pursue higher education

Indian administrative service and Indian Engineering Service work in different fields and have their own privileges. Choose a career after graduation in which you have passion. IAS exam and IES exam take a similar effort to clear. With right guidance and dedication, you can become an IAS or IES officer.

At Himalai civil service coaching center, we excel both in IAS and IES coaching. We have years of experience in guiding aspirants for both IAS exam and IES exam. So, our advice is before deciding, go through the IES exam details like IES eligibility, IES exam process, IES new syllabus and more. Similarly, go through the IAS exam details and wisely choose the officer position you want to be!

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