World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day celebrates on 23rd May every year, Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore aims is to bring awareness about current affairs for the Civil Services Exam like IAS exam, KAS exam, banking exam and other competitive exams.

World Turtle Day aims to celebrate these remarkable reptiles and to raise awareness about the American Tortoise Rescue.

A non-profit organization whose mission is to protect turtles and tortoises all around the world. On this unofficial holiday.

People can choose to donate money to this organization, volunteer for other organizations that promote turtle conservation and protection or simply spend the day enjoying cute turtle pictures on the Internet.

World Turtle Day there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate this holiday as long as turtles are the main focus of your efforts.

World Turtle Day History  

World Turtle Day was founded in 1990 by the American Tortoise Rescue – a non-profit organization that sponsors this holiday annually. World Turtle Day theme to aware of the creating so people could not only celebrate turtles but also so they can join in the effort to protect turtles and tortoises all over the world to spread awareness. Since the day it was founded, the American Tortoise Rescue has placed over three-thousand turtles and tortoises into caring homes.

These gentle animals have been around for about 200 million years, yet they are rapidly disappearing as a result of the exotic food industry, habitat destruction and the cruel pet trade.

Interesting Facts About Turtles

  • The Turtle upper shell of a turtle is called a carapace and the lower shell of a turtle is called a plastron.
  • The sea turtles have special glands which remove salt from their drinking water
  • The Green Sea Turtles can hold their breath up to 5 hours
  • The Leatherback Sea Turtle can weigh over 2,000 pounds
  • The Leatherback Sea Turtles can travel over 10,000 miles a year
  • The Turtle Not all turtle species can hide their heads in their shells
  • Turtles live mainly in water
  • Tortoises live mainly on land
  • The Turtle Terrapins live both on land and in water
  • Most turtles are omnivores

Purpose of World Turtle Day

  • Besides, The purpose of Turtle Day is to celebrate remarkable reptiles and to raise awareness about the American Tortoise Rescue.
  • Further, American Tortoise Rescue is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect turtles and tortoises all around the world.
  • In 1990, American Tortoise Rescue (ATR)  found by husband and wife Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson.
  • ATR does a lot of work on protecting the environments in which these animals live.
  • ATR always tries and find new homes for the animals.
  • But if not possible then they will remain in the care of the ATR.

World Turtle Day Theme

The theme of the whole celebration of the day is to spread knowledge about the respect for the world’s oldest creature. Since Turtles have an important space in the ecosystem Turtles not only deserve respect but also deserve the best environment to live. 

World Turtle Day theme is to increase respect and knowledge for the world’s oldest creatures protect on the internet. International Turtles theme are reptiles characterised by a special bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs that acts as a shield plastron tortoise.

Activities on World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day is a celebration around the globe in a variety of ways. The activities of the day include dressing up as Tortoises, organizing roadshows. Also, by simply dressing up in green or blue colour.

  • Further, these activities depict the pain that the turtles go through 
  • There is a lot that we can do as humans to promote and support the survival of the Turtles in the world. 
  • Also, research activities are in the organization in saving turtles caught on highways.
  • Turtle Day lesson plans and craft projects encourage teaching about turtles in classrooms.

By making aware of the significance of turtles, Himalai observes World Turtle Day 2020 as a part of Our India With World Events.