The soil is the essence of life; Without the food and nutrients provided by soil, it is impossible for mankind and even wildlife to survive. It is a resource that we can’t renew; still, we are contaminating it with pollution. World Soil day is celebrated to promote its significance of soil for our survival and importance of protecting it.

World Soil day information

  • In 2002 the International Union of Soil science voted for a resolution to dedicate 5th December every year as World Soil Day to promote the importance of Nature and human wellbeing.
  • Food and Agriculture organization supported this initiative with the Kingdom of Thailand leadership as a part of “Global soil partnership”.
  • FAO took the initiative to establish soil day and unanimously approved it in its FAO conference 2013.
  • Later in 2013 December with FAO’s request UN adopted world soil day in its 68th UN general assembly and announced that it will be observed on 5th December every year.
  • This is a tribute to late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand for his contribution in improving quality and sustainable management of soil.
  • FAO is celebrating world soil day since 2012, This is the history of World Soil day. World soil day 2018 will be on 5th December, Wednesday.

Why World Soil day is celebrated?

The top layer of the earth which constitutes of both organic and inorganic matter, where the plant grows. It holds nutrition and water which is absorbed by the plants to grow, which in turn becomes our food.

Around 95% of the food we eat come from soil or related resources and 33% of the global soil has already been degraded. It is estimated that 815 million people are food insecure and 2 billion people are facing lack of nutrition. Soil has the capacity to hold three times more the carbon than atmosphere which will be helpful in fighting the climate change.

Soil is a finite and nonrenewable natural resource for the human timescale. Even with this much significance, degradation of soil around the world is constantly increasing due to pollution, inappropriate management and more.

World Soil day aim is to promote the importance of soil and its protection for human survival and well-being.

World Soil Day Activities

Many events are organized around the world for world soil day celebration. FAO organizes many events globally and even local events.

World Soil Day Award is awarded for the best World soil day 2017 event held in the previous year celebration with the World soil day 2017 theme’ Caring planet from the ground’. A medal and USD 15,000 check will be presented for the winner in Bangkok, Thailand on World soil day 2018. The Kingdom of Thailand is the sponsor for this award.

Glinka World soil prize is awarded for an individual or an organization for their contribution to the promotion of sustainable soil management.

For world soil day in India, Ministry of Agriculture organizes many farmer welfare programs. Discussions and presentation on technologies to preserve soil are conducted. Workshops and educating awareness camps are organized for farmers on right practices in agriculture for preserving soil and avoiding its degradation.

World Soil day theme 2018 “Be the Solution to Soil Pollution”

Every year soil day is celebrated with a World soil day theme to give a significant meaning for that year celebration. World soil day 2018 theme is “Be the Solution to Soil Pollution” promote the need for combating soil pollution to save the environment.

Soil will stay productive only if it is protected and nurtured. If soil pollution is not reduced, then the world will be at the risk of food insecurity and will be endangering both humankind and environment.

Soil quality is vital for maintaining the food security and a healthy ecosystem, Himalai IAS coaching wants to convey this message on this world soil day as a part of our India with world events.