World Radio Day

World Radio Day celebrates on 13th February across the world, Radio is the mass medium reaching the widest audience in the world and became one of the entertainment. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore spread awareness about social responsibility current events for the civil service exams like IAS exams, KAS exams, IES exams, and other competitive exams.To know more about  about UPSC exams click here.

  • This year, World Radio Day 2020 celebrates on 13th February 2020, Thursday.

World Radio Day History

  • UNESCO’s Executive Board recommended to the General Conference to celebrate the day. 
  • In particular, based on a feasibility study undertaken by UNESCO further to a proposal from Spain for the new radio launches and technology.
  • The United Nations Radio established the date of 13th February in 1946, proposed by the Director-General of UNESCO.

Who invented Radio?

  • FM Radio inventor Edwin H. Armstrong in 1933. FM radio works based on frequency modulation of the radio wave. To reduce static and interference from electrical equipment to the atmosphere.Further, to reach a huge audience.
  • Radio also recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low-cost medium for all medium in the entertainment media.

World Radio Day Theme

  • International Radio Day 2019 Theme was ” Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”. Especially, the World Radio Day theme 2019 conveys that radio provides a platform for dialogue and democratic debate over issues, such as migration or violence against women.
  • Most importantly this year the theme for International Radio Day 2020 is “Radio and Diversity” and divided into three main sub-themes: 
  • Advocating for pluralism in radio, comprising a mix of public, private and community broadcasters;
  • Promoting representation in the newsroom, with teams comprised of diverse society groups;
  • Promoting a diversity of editorial content and programme types reflecting the various audiences.

Radio and UNESCO

  • During the year  2011 a wide consultation process started on June carried out by UNESCO for broadcasters. 
  • Particularly, it included all stakeholders like public, state, private, broadcasting associations, community and international broadcasters.

Significance of Radio

Radio suits to reach remote communities and vulnerable people, illiterate, women, youth, the poor and the disabled.

  • It has a strong and specific role in emergency communication and disaster relief in many areas.
  • Also, help to raise awareness among listeners and inspire understanding for new perspectives in paving the way for positive action about the topics and spread awareness across the world.
  • Entertainment Radio is the mass media reaching the broadest audience in the world whereas remote places. Also, radio is recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low-cost medium to reach all the audience.
  • Radio has a strong and particular function in emergency communication and disaster relief also changing face to radio services.
  • Nowadays changing face to radio services in the present times of media convergence, are taking up new technological forms.

Radio Day has importance in sporting events, that can unite the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

In conclusion, on this Radio Day 2020, we call on all radio stations around the world to showcase the beauty of sports in all of its diversity so celebrate the traditional sports that connect us to our cultural heritage in the radio frequencies.

With this intention, Himalai wants to observe World Radio Day 2020 as a part of Our India with World Events.