World Quality day

World Quality Day 2020 celebrates by Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore, by giving Quality education for Civil Services Exam from the past 23 years.  Most of the IAS toppers are from Himalai IAS coaching Centre with allover branches providing quality education for the students to achieve their goals as IAS officer, KAS officer, IES officer.

World quality day, reputations are built on trust designed to quality professionals across the globe. World celebration day 2020 theme is “Creating customer value”.

Charactered Quality Institute (CQI), NQA and other organization celebrates world quality day is also part of World Quality Month. CQI responsibility of the professional can be defined as five main areas- assurance, improvement, leadership, governance and context.

NQA is proud to participating in world quality day as longstanding supporters of standardization and quality management. National Quality Day was first celebrated from 2008, but its dating back 1919 founding of the CQI mandates advance the practice of quality management in all sectors.

First World Quality Day conference held at Landon in the Inmarsat Conference Centre 2008 to provide a form of inspiration, creative ideas and innovation.

The theme of world quality day focused on unique quality assurance, Everyday Leadership in 2017, Sweet Dreams in 2015, Making Operational Governance Count in 2016, Building a Quality World Together in 2014.

Effective Quality management system builds allowing business, organizational competence, and providing a framework for addressing complaints and performance issues builds among the customers, clients, stakeholders and employees.

Quality management creates a culture to participants are invested in a cycle of continuous improvement. Mutual trust employees trust tools to do their jobs correctly and management trusts that employees are invested in the process, stakeholders trust. To bring awareness each year and encourage education, training and engagement on a global scale, extension of the organization’s mission.

In 2013, Making Collaboration Count designed to reflect the importance of departments, partner organization and collaborating with colleagues.

In 2017, everyday leadership which focuses on Quality professionals at all levels displaying leadership behavior thousands of individuals and organization organized activities around the theme across the globe.

How professionals build trust:

There are several ways to build a trust-based culture as quality professional.

  1. ISO international Standards provide an essential foundation to help organizations improve and ensure quality. Quality management system applicable to all types of business based on frame work helps optimize work process.
  2. International standards provide specifications and requirements to individual products, helps the organization the broader context of customer expectations.
  3. By developing and implementing quality management systems helps organizations to identify risk and threats to their reputation.
  4. Building the leadership and engagement at the management level to ensure values and goals of the organization.
  5. Hosting an informal training session, lunch and learn about the quality management and specific topic increase the business relation with employees.

Quality professional build trust through several steps they are

  1. Leadership : Helps Organization to align values and culture to account for these expectations
  2. Assurance: Identify the risks and understand performance to trust and maintain reputation.
  3. Context: Understand the wider stakeholder needs and expectations of their customer.
  4. Operational Governance: Helps the organization to facilitating the management system and make right decision for stakeholders, Customers and the organization.
  5. Business Improvement: Helps organization to improve performance and invest in the right improvements.

ISO creates specification, guidelines, documents that provide requirements to ensure that materials, products, services and processes fir for their purposes. ISO published 22385 International Standards, provides rules, guidelines for their results aimed to achieving the optimum degree of order. Apart from product standards it includes test methods, codes of practice, management system standards and guideline standards.

Everyday leadership quality professionals should contains stakeholder advocates, fact based thinker, quality planner, quality advocate, quality collaborator and system thinker across the business.