World Photography day

World photography day 2020 is an event for photographers from all over the world to share an image to inspire everyone. It is celebrated on August 19 every year to spread positivity. A picture can speak a thousand words – Photography is one of the best ways to express an Idea.

It is not only for photograph professionals, it is for everyone who wants to share his/her photo of the day. No DSLR photography or photography reflectors required, everyday photos like baby photography, food photography or just nature photography around you is enough. It is thought of sharing happiness with a single photo for a simple purpose.

History of Photography

Photography History dates back to 1717 when people discovered that an image can be captured on a light-sensitive material. But they couldn’t retain the image for long and the process took hours together. In 1837 Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce developed the first Daguerreotype process to capture images. On August 19 the patent was procured by the French government and announced it as a ‘free gift to the world’. This is the origin of the world photography day.

The first photo of a person was taken in 1838 by Louis Daguerre. The street Boulevard du Temple in France was where the photo was taken. It was a seven-minute process and the street was filled with people. No one was captured in the photo as they were fast-moving; only one man who was getting his shoe polished was captured. He became the first person to be captured on a photo.

World Photography 2020 Celebration

On August 19th 2010 the first online art gallery was launched and ever since world photo day is celebrated. 270 Photographers took part and people from 100 countries visited the gallery.

There is an Indian International Photography council in India at New Delhi. It was founded by Mr. O. P Sharma and many events are organized as a celebration of this day in India. Many colleges have activates to promote the Art of Photography.

On this occasion Himalai wants wish everyone a Happy World Photography day, in this digitally advanced world taking a photo and sharing it takes less than a minute. Let your thoughts inspire many.