World Philosophy Day:

 World Philosophy Day is celebrated on 3rd Thursday of every year in November, this year on 15th November 2018. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore aimed to raise awareness about the importance philosophical day among students in competitive exams like civil services exam- IAS exam, KAS exam for educational sectors.

UNESCO introduced World philosophy Day strives to promote an international culture, it was first celebrated on 21 November 2002. Many thinkers state that the root of philosophy is “astonishment” stems from the human natural tendency to be astonished.

World Philosophy Day celebrates the importance of encourages people, philosophical reflection and consolidate the authentic foundations all over the world. It is the study of the nature of reality and existence, it comes from the Greek word Philosophia meaning ‘the love of wisdom’.

Objectives of world philosophy day:

  • To raise public awareness choices arising and of the importance of philosophy for many societies from the effects of globalization.
  • Underline the importance of the philosophy of universalization teaching for future generation.
  • Renew the national, sub-regional, international commitment, regional to philosophy more effectively challenges that are confronting humanity.
  • UNESCO general conference was convinced the philosophy day institutionalization at UNESCO as world Philosophy day give a strong impetus to the teaching of philosophy in the world.
  • The general conference highlights the importance of discipline for the young people philosophy is a discipline that encourages independent thought capable of working towards tolerance and peace.

World Philosophy Day Celebration:

  • On World Philosophy Day celebration events taking place from 14 to 17 November at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
  • World Philosophy Day is a collaborative initiative towards tolerance, peace, and societies organized by UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Program.
  • Organization, institutions include national commissions for UNESCO are encourage to organize various types of activities-debates, conference, workshops, presentation, cultural events with participation of philosopher and scientist from all the branches of social science, educators, representatives.

World Philosophy Day Theme:

In 2007, the Philosophy Foundation mission was founded to bring wisdom, Understanding and flourishing to the heart of education for adults and children in order to learn other communities and workplace. The goal of philosophy day is to celebrate the heritage and philosophical reflection, create a better civil society. The power of Philosophy extends in every challenge to form questions issues, its United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) invite people to join rational discussion philosophical debate.

World Philosophy Day UNESCO strives to promote an international culture of debate human dignity and diversity exchanges philosophical knowledge in addressing global issues. In every culture, philosophy gave birth to ideas, concepts, analyses for independent and creative thought also provides principles and values on which world peace depends-human rights, equality, justice, and democracy. The theme of World Philosophy Day is ‘Social Transformations and Intercultural Dialogue’ promote an international culture of philosophical debate.