World Organ Donation Day

World Organ Donation Day is annually celebrated on the 13th of August. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre, Bangalore educates citizenship, current events for the civil service exams like IAS, KAS, IES, and competitive exams.

World Organ Donation day aims

  • To motivate normal human beings
  • To donate organs after death 
  • To sensitize about the significance of donation.

World Organ Donation Day in India was since 13th August 2010 Organized by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. To promote more people towards donations in their lives and for the well being this day pays more attention.

What is Organ Donation?

Organ Donation: a healthy organ is taken from the living/died individual, transplanted into a person whose respective organ is faulty.

Main Objectives of World Organ Donation Day 2019 (WODD)

World Organ Donation Day is an event to promote donation after a person’s demise. Many lives can be saved with a transplant procedure. 

  • It is held to raise awareness among the people about the need and to meet the needs against the shortage of organ donors. 
  • World Organ Donation Day helps in spreading the message of organ grants from all over the world.
  • It stands for removing the doubts of the people about donating organs.
  • World Organ Donation Day theme is held to say a heartfelt thanks to the donors of organs.

Facts About Organ transplantation on World Organ Donation Day 2019

  • Many technological advancements have probably increased the success rate of organ preservation and transplantation.
  • About 8 and more vital organs of a human body can be transplanted like heart, kidney, bone marrow, liver, etc.  
  • By Organ Donations, the chances of saving lives through transplantation have increased to a great extent every year.
  • In a survey conducted by an Indian newspaper WODD 2018 one lakh people die every year due to organ failures.
  • In 9.5 million deaths every year there are only 200 Organ donors this shows the shortage of organ donors. 
  • Organ grant is the noblest thing a human being can do for others. The recipient will forever be grateful for the second chance in life.

Lack of Awareness on Organ Transplantation

  • In India, no religion is against this noble act.
  • By donation there will be no deformation of the body which will affect the funeral ceremony as professional surgeons do transplantation, only scars will remain on the body.
  • There is no age limit for donation, 70 and 80-year-old donors had successful transplantation.
  • A living organ donor will be given the topmost priority in medical treatment.
  • No status or monetary influence matters while receiving organ transplantation.
  • If a donor changes his mind of the donation, registration can be cancelled anytime.

There are many organizations and Non-Governmental Organization(NGO’s) that are involved, registering into one will take only two minutes. As a result, we can decrease the shortage of organ donors. Your two minutes can give a person his life. On this World Organ Donation Day 2019 (WODD) Himalai wants to be part of creating awareness.