World Legal Service Day

Indian Legal Service day celebrates on November 9, Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore, aimed to bring awareness about the legal services authorities facilities to the weaker section of the society. Himalai IAS coaching centre provides 70% discount on 23rd anniversary for IAS coaching, KAS coaching to help poor section and disabilities to achieve goals on Legal service day 2020.

Legal service day in India is observed every year on 9 November in India. The legal service day was formed by NALSA which stands for the National Legal Services Authority. In 1995 the Legal Services Authorities Act was provided for free legal aid and approaches the concerned legal services functionaries.

The Government of India also started addressing legal aid for the poor in conferences of Law Ministers and Law Commissions in 1952.

In 1980, the Committee for Implementing Legal Aid Schemes (CILAS) came into existence chairman of Mr Justice P.N.Bhagwati.

In 1960, the Government for legal aid schemes was floated through Legal Aid Boards, Law departments and Societies.

This year , Legal Service Day 2020 falls on 9th November Monday.

Legal Service Day Theme:

Legal Services Authorities finally enforced on 9th of November 1995, P.N.Bhagwati chief justice of India played a key role in the enforcement of the Act. Variety of legal literacy camps and functions are organized on occasion of this day.

Lok Adalats has been organized “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” securing justice are not denied to any citizens by reason of economic or other disabilities.

Legal Services Day was first started by the Supreme Court in the year 1995 November 9th across the India, to help weaker and poor group of sections of people, disabled persons, scheduled Tribes, human trafficking victims.

The aim of celebrating the legal services day on November 9 is to offer free of charge, legal services, and proficient to weaker sections of the society. The aim is to bring awareness about legal aid and availability of free services towards the every weak citizen of the country.
Legal services are very important to get all basic facilities for middle class people and free services for the better living in the society.

National Legal Services Authority:

The Deputy Commissioner of Nagaland organize the free services for disabled people of society would be benefited and assisted, Various NGOs plays great role in developing the services by attending the program.

In 1995, the act regulation and rules was first implemented by the Sikkim state for removing the crucial issues of women, children and youths later other states also start organizing the services.

Dr. Justice A.S Anand introduced “Legal Aid Counsel” scheme, NALSA has been receiver all over the country. Most of the Magistrates courts provide Legal Aid Counsel to provide immediate legal assistance.

Supreme Court judge of India and Executive Chairman of NALSA T.S.Thakur, referred to the launching of seven schemes and gave a detailed work done through the organization of Lok Adalats to the stakeholders.

For taking unique and creative initiatives for ensuring justice to those who need it NALSA awards were conferred to the members of legal fraternity across the country.

For the purpose of Pre-institution Meditation and Settlement notification regarding authorization of legal services authorities under the Commercial Courts Act 2015.

National Legal Services Authority Regulation 2009 defines short title and commencement publication in the Official Gazette. Procedure for organizing Lok Adalats, Intimation of the State Authority, Notice to parties concerned, Composition of Lok Adalat, Pre-litigation matters, administrative assistance, Confidentiality, Compilation of Results and Application of regulation are some of the authorities established for the welfare of the country.