World Food Day

World Food Day is observed on 16th October every year. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore spread awareness about social responsibility current events for the civil service exams like IAS exams, KAS exams, IES exams, and other competitive exams. 

  • In order to commemorate the day when the United Nations (UN) launched of Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) this day is celebrating.
  • Also, for the purpose to promote the significance of food security, avoiding food wastage. Further maintain a nutritious diet, development of agriculture and more.
  • Specifically, World Food Day 2019 will be on 16th October, Wednesday.

Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO)

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is an initiative by the UN to defeat global hunger. It serves as an information resource as well as a global platform for countries to share and debate about world food security.

Achievements of FAO

Over the years, to eliminate hunger, malnutrition, and poverty in a sustainable manner, FAO works. FAO has brought the world closer to this goal by supporting several important achievements, Since its establishment in 1945.

  • 1963: Codex Alimentarius an international body established to ensure food standards, safety, and consumer protection.
  • 1947-2002: Eradicated River blindness from Africa with coordination of other international bodies and saved 40 million people from risk.
  • 2001: Adoption of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources by 135 countries.
  • 1974: Establishment of Committee on World Food Security (CFS)
  • 1990-2014: In 25 years Latin America and the Caribbean region’s hunger have been halved by FAO’s efforts.
  • 1994-2011; Eradication of Rinderpest
  • 2004: Adoption of “Right to food” in Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • 2011: Establishment of the Agriculture Market Information System
  • 1995: Code of conduct of responsible fisheries
  • 2016: Creation of the Port State Measures Agreement

Sustainable development Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Within the 17 goals of UN sustainable development goals(SDG), fighting global hunger “Zero Hunger” takes the second priority after eradication of Global Poverty. In particular, to achieve zero hunger by 2030 FAO has taken many initiatives,

  • Avoiding Wastage of food
  • Improving Agricultural growth
  • Adoption of Nutritious Diet
  • Improving global coordination in achieving ‘Zero Hunger’

World Food Day theme

For the purpose of celebration, FAO dedicates a food day theme every year.

  • World Food Day 2019 theme is” Our Actions are Our Future. Healthy Diets For a #ZeroHunger World”.
  • World Food Day 2018 theme points out that today’s action towards food, ie by using without wasting food, we will get control over the consumption of food resources. Thus we can preserve the resource for future without wasting.
  • According to FAO, State of Food Security and nutrition 2018 report: There are more than 820 million people who suffer from undernourishment whereas there are 672 million obese people and 1.3 billion overweight people.
  • Specifically, it signifies two major concerns a fight to tackle hunger and to promote a nutritious diet. A combined effort from the individual level to global effort is needed to achieve zero hunger.
  • Especially, every individual needs to act at a personal level in maintaining a diet, avoiding wastage of food and water and more activities that can benefit everyone.
  • Particularly,  70% of poor people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihood, they need assistance from government and other organizations in investments and in the implementation of new technology to produce quality food.
  • Zero hunger is beyond any boundary conflict or economic growth, it is the responsibility of everyone. Our actions today will be our future

Food Day Activities

Many countries around the world organize activities,

  • Like, marches, sports events to encourage healthy lifestyles, concerts, and other entertaining events.
  • Furthermore, seminars, round table conferences, and other official world food activities take place around the world.

Food statistics of India

  • According to International Food Policy Research to India stands at 100th position in the global health index out of 119 countries.
  • Particularly, India produced 277.49 million tons of food grains in the year 2016-2017.
  • Specifically, 53% of income from a rural Indian household is spent on food.
  • 5% of the Indian population is under nutritious
  • 53% of Indian women suffer from anemia

There are many Indian government schemes assisting in zero hunger challenges like mid-day meals, agriculture schemes ‘Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana’, implementation of energy-efficient irrigation, etc.

World Food Day in India

  • Food Day in India is celebrated with many events like # Fight food waste campaign, food exhibition and recipe classes, food serving for hungry people, cooking competition, awareness camp of new technologies among farmers and more events.
  • Official collaborative International Food Day event of FAO, IFAD and WFP organizations will be held at UN House, New Delhi for celebrating the day.

In conclusion, ‘We can achieve zero hunger by 2030 if we combine all our effort’ Himalai IAS coaching wants to convey this message on World Food Day as a part of Our India with World Events.