• World Environmental day is celebrated on 26th September every year by the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) Council to promote the awareness of different issues surrounding the environmental health.
  • The world environment health day celebration started in 2011 at IFEH meeting and inaugural event of Environmental Health Youth Summit in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
  • International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) is an international organization promoting the significance of environmental health and provide a common global platform for national organizations who are working for the same cause.
  • For more than 32 years IFEH is actively working to improve the health issues that constantly threaten the human well-being and to promote the study of environmental health

The importance of environmental health day :

  • Environmental health is considered as the health issues outside the human body and the environmental factors that can pose a threat to human health in form of disease and sickness.
  • Poor health often results from poor environments, and by helping to enhance the conditions in which we live and work, Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) make an enormous difference
    to the public’s health and wellbeing. Key to the implementation of disease preventive measures is the Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP). EHPs are playing an important role since the initial response to the outbreak of diseases pandemics everywhere the planet. EHPs play a task in disaster preparedness and response, investigate outbreaks of infectious diseases and stop it from spreading any longer.
  • There are many environmental issues like pollution, greenhouse effect, climate change, urbanization etc.., which is deteriorating the quality of the environment, air, water, food etc.., which is essential for human survival in day to day life.
  • There is a need for educating the general public about methods of reducing environmental health issues and precaution to avoid diseases.
  • There are many government and private organization working hard to improve food safety, sanitation, clean drinking water, purification of Indoor and outdoor air quality, so their citizens can lead a healthier life
  • International environment health day is mainly celebrated to honor the contributions of these organizations and to provide a focal point for their effort

World environmental health day themes:

World Environmental Health day is celebrated in different themes every year, like world environmental health day 2019 theme was ‘Climate change challenges, time for global Environmental Health to act in unison’ to tackle climate changes.


  • This theme says “Environmental health is a branch of public health concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment. Also, It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments.
  • As per the WHO (2020), 24% of global deaths are related to the environment, which is roughly 13.7 million deaths per year.

Other environmental day themes

Year World environmental health day theme
2012 Building for the future
2013 Emerging Environmental Health Risks & Challenges for Tomorrow
2014 Addressing Environmental Health Inequalities
2015 Children are our future let’s protect their Environment and Healths
2016 Tobacco Control… a response to the global tobacco pandemic
2017 Indoor & outdoor air quality
2018 Global Food Safety and Sustainability

Most recent infectious diseases outbreaks,

According to WHO, all over the world, most infectious disease outbreaks are as follows:
• Ebola(2013/2014) – 9936 cases, 4,877 deaths – Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, United States, Senegal, Spain.
•Cholera (2010/2013)- 8,954 deaths, 726,228 cases—Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico.
• HINI flu pandemic(2009 ) – 250,00 deaths, 59,000,000 cases.
• MERS (2012) —858 deaths out of 2494 cases
• SARS (2003)– 18,096 cases and 774 deaths
• Meningitis (1996/1997)—25,000 deaths and 250,000 cases – Sub-Saharan Africa.

World Environmental Health Day Activities:

  • With the association of other national organization, IFEH organizes various events globally to celebrate world environmental health day.
  • Health checkups and awareness campaigns are organized to educate the common people.
  • In colleges and universities conference and workshops are organized regarding the environmental issues and the possible measures that are needed for its control
  • School activities like seedling plantation by children, speech on World environmental health day theme and other activities are conducted to educate students.

The environment is the basis of human survival and it is our duty to protect it, Himalai wants to create awareness about the importance of environment on World environmental health day 2020 as a part of our India with world events.