Social justice is a fundamental rule for peaceful coexistence with the country and among countries. Gender equality, rights of indigenous peoples and migrants and more support this cause. Proper social justice will eradicate the difference in Race, gender, Region, religion and more.      

So, what is World of the day? Yes, it is the World day of social justice 2019.  

World day of social justice 2019 is on 20th February, Wednesday. United Nation (UN) organizes this day annually to uphold the values of social justice. UNO believes that social justice is the core of the UN’s global mission to achieve overall development.     

UN in its general assembly on November 26, 2007, decided that from 63 session of General Assembly social justice day will be celebrated on 20th February every year.

The best example for this initiative is the adoption of the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization by International Labour Organization (IOL).

Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization

The declaration centers on ensuring the fundamental principles and rights at work. Which include fair employment, social protection, social dialogue etc.

This declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization was adopted on 10 June 2008. This declaration was one of the powerful confirmation of ILO values. 182 member states participated in the initiative. Everyone committed to work on this agenda with unity. The declaration became a landmark moment reflecting the need for strong social justice to achieve harmony between the countries. The other highlights of the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization are the significance of sustainable enterprises in providing better job and income for all.

Why World Day of Social Justice 2018 day is celebrated?

According to the International Labour Organization (IOL), 2 billion people reside in fragile and conflict-based environment, in which the 400 million age range is around 15 to 29. Through globalization, we have evolved over the years, but financial crises, insecurity, poverty still remains a bigger challenge. However social justice can improve this situation of bottom 40 percent with Job creation, better quality jobs. To create the awareness of this social justice day 2019 celebrated.   

What is the theme of the World Day of Social Justice 2019?

The world day of social justice 2019 theme isIf You Want Peace & Development, Work for Social Justice’. The social justice day theme emphasis on the fact that social justice is the base for overall all peace & development across the world.   

As this world day of social justice quotes say ‘Equality of opportunity is the essence of social justice’. It is everyone’s responsibility to uphold social justice by providing equal opportunities. Himalai IAS coaching supports this cause on this ‘World Day of Social Justice 2019’ as a part of our India with world events.       


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