World Cancer day

World Cancer Day is celebrates on the 4th February in the world to make the people aware of the Cancer to cure the Cancer by the WHO prevention is better than cure. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore aims is to bring awareness about current affairs for the Civil Services Exam like IAS exam, KAS exam, banking exam.

  • Cancer disease which is the biggest disease in the world, people suffering from much of pains.
  • In India people are suffering from many diseases like Cancer, Ulcer, Skin Diseases Diabetes, Hepatitis and many other diseases. Lots of people visiting the Highly Professional doctors to get cure faster of the Cancer Disease.
  • World Cancer Day used to provide many preventive measures, every information about the Cancer and to cultivate a better attitude to the people to fight with the Cancer to cure.
  • World Health Organization, Government as well as Non-Governmental Health Organizations makes many strategies to build a proper idea and plan to fight against the Cancer Disease to protect many lives.
  • It is celebrated to make the people know the people to get them every possible measures and idea to make the disease cure quickly and to build self-confidence.

Types of Cancer:

Skin Cancer, Blood Cancer, Throat Cancer, Lungs Cancer and many more people are suffering from these types of Cancer are very necessary to get proper treatment from the doctors at the initial guidance to cure.

Lots of people suffer totally ill that due to their sufferings they can’t perform any work in their daily activities.

It is quite important for people to maintain a positive attitude towards developing a better medicine to cure every type of Cancer quickly and recover.

World Cancer Day theme:

Themes provided by with the Government to eradicate the Cancer Disease are as follows:

1) Tomorrow’s World, Today’s Children is the theme of the World Cancer Day in 2007.

2) Provide Young people and Children with a Disease free environment is the World Cancer Day Theme in 2008.

3) I love a Healthy and active Childhood is the theme of the World Cancer Day in the year 2009.

4) Vaccinations for preventing liver Cancer which is due to virus is the theme for the World Cancer Day in the year 2010.

5) Did you know Cancer? Is the theme for the World Cancer Day in the year 2013.

6) “Not ahead of us” is the theme for the World Cancer Day in the year 2015.

10) “I can we can” is the theme for the World Cancer Day in the year 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Cancer Prevention:

Cancer can be prevent between 30-50% of all cancer cases. Prevention is better than cure, offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer to save many live.

  • National policies programs should be implement to raise awareness to reduce exposure to cancer risk factors to ensure that people are provided with the information and support they need to adopt healthy lifestyles to avoid many diseases not only cancer.
  • Tobacco smoking causes cancers of the lung, oesophagus, bladder, pancreas, stomach, cervix larynx (voice box), mouth, throat and kidney.
  • Smoke in the environment also causes lung cancer in non-smoking adults by their smog.
  • Smokeless tobacco also called oral tobacco, chewing tobacco or snuff causes oesophageal, pancreatic and oral cancer people are suffering.