Why New Years Day Start on January 1st?

When the December month rolls in, a new excitement begins in people around the world. Cities get new look; decorated Christmas trees everywhere and worlds starts beaming with festive lights.

You will realize that January 1st  New year’s eve is near; it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to this year and welcome a brand-new one.

But why January 1st?  When there are 365 days to choose from.

It’s all because of the Roman Dictator Julius Caesar. When he became the ruler of Rome, he decided to reform the traditional Roman calendar. Till then, the Roman calendar followed the lunar cycle which frequently fell out of phase with seasons. Moreover, pontifices (Calendar readers) often misused the calendars by adding days to extended political terms.

Following the advice of an Alexandrian astronomer, Caesar got rid of the lunar cycle calculation. His new calendar was based on the solar cycle which was more accurate. They calculated the year to contain 365 ¼ days. Until then, the year began in March and Caesar added 67 days to 45 B.C to make the 46 B.C start from January 1st.

Following the Julian calendar, the first new year celebration took place in 45 BC. That is the reason why our new year begins on January 1st.

During the middle age, the new year celebration practice faded as Caesar failed to calculate the exact solar year length which is 365.242199 days and not 365.25 days. This 11-minute error added every year became 10 days by the 15th century.

In 1570, the Pope Gregory XIII of the Roman church realized this problem and re-altered the Julian calendar. He corrected the 11-minute error and omitted 10 days of that year. This calendar came to be known as the Gregorian calendar which was implemented in 1582. Since then, everyone around the world celebrates January 1st to welcome the new year with Happy new year 2019 Quotes.

Caesar created the leap year concept, in which he added an extra day to February every four years. He did this to keep his calendar fall behind a step. Caesar also renamed the month Quintilis after himself Julius (July) and the month Sextilis after his successor Augustus (August).

Now, you know why New year day starts on January 1st. Tell us about your new year resolutions, the changes you want to bring this new year.