After matriculation, the dilemma begins with the students in choosing the stream for the graduation and then the confusion continues after graduating leaving them to think what to do after graduation. So, here to answer this question and clear the confusion which most of the graduates taking their final year exam or already cleared panicking in choosing a career option. Read through to figure out what’s the right career option for all the graduates who think what to do after graduation.

If you are a graduate who wants to pursue higher education or choose a prospering career, or who want both, then civil services is the right career option which you should pursue to fulfill your dreams of completing a higher education along with getting a prospective job.

Why should one choose civil services as their career option?

Civil Services is one such career which on one hand is a difficult career option but on the other hand is an interesting one which any graduate can pursue also on one hand by choosing this career one can go for higher studies as well as get into a potential and prestigious post in the civil services.

By choosing this career option, the students will get sufficient time to complete their higher studies as well as getting a potential job i.e. becoming IAS, IPS, IFS and as other officers in the Civil Services of India.
The civil services exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and the exam prolongs for a year and with the vast syllabus to cover during this period of one year a student preparing for the exam will acquire knowledge that will boost them to aim for the higher studies as well at the same time.

The career in civil services is a promising one as it not only provides a prospective job to graduates who make it into the civil services but also gives an ample of alternative career options for those graduates who couldn’t clear the exam.

Since the graduates would have already prepared for the UPSC Civil Services Exam and with one or two attempts they would be very well aware of the exam like the demand of the exam, the knacks required to clear the exam and many other things related to exam with this acquired knowledge one will also get an opportunity to join any IAS Coaching Institute and with lakhs of aspirants writing the exam has raised the demand for IAS Coaching Institutes and many IAS Coaching Institutes recruits such candidates for coaching and they get paid lump sum in just a few hours.

If you don’t want a teaching career in any IAS Coaching Institute and still looking for a prospective career in a different field, the civil services will help right here as well as the UPSC has recently come forward to share the candidates score and rank in the civil services exam to prospective recruiters from the private sector which will help the candidates to land some other job.

Hope, this would be very convincing to the graduates on why they should take the civil services as the career option.

Now that you have decided to make a career in civil services of India here’s a glimpse about the Civil Services Exam.

There are many of our students who started their preparation when they had written their final year graduation exam and appeared in the civil services exam and cleared the exam and today are in the Indian Administration. Check our UPSC Toppers and Students testimonial to read more encouraging messages left by them.

How can the graduates or undergraduates take the Civil Services Exam?

If you are a graduate or an undergraduate or a student who has taken final year exam and waiting for the result, you can still apply for the civil services exam. To know more about how to apply for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, and other details like Exam Pattern; Syllabus; eligibility criteria and other details of the exam, you can visit Himalai IAS Classes.

Why Himalai IAS Coaching Classes?

There are various facts and factors to support why one should join Himalai and which will encourage any graduate or undergraduate to enroll with us for IAS Coaching Classes. The achievements we have created and milestones we have reached speaks for itself. Here are listed some of our achievements in the past 20 years.

  • Himalai IAS Classes is one of the oldest institutes in India and the first to be started in Karnataka, which was in the year 1998.
  • In this 20 years, we have a proven track-record of 1000+ candidates clearing the UPSC and KPSC Exams and serving in the national and state level administration.
  • Every year we adopt the coaching method in such a way that it meets not only the demand of the exam but the methodology also makes our students to feel confident enough to crack the exams.
  • Our students have achieved the highest scores in the UPSC Main Exam and interview in the past two years.
  • The youngest IPS Officer in India who cracked the civil services exam was from the Himalai IAS Institute.
  • The first women to become a KAS Officer was from our institute
  • Above all the innovative strategies that we have adopted is followed by various institutes today.

With the ample of opportunities to offer, the civil services is the one right and well-recommended career option for the graduates and undergraduates who are in a dilemma in choosing between higher studies and a potential career or both as this career is the gateway to both higher studies and career.