The UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Prelims Exam is to be held on June 3rd 2018,which 3 months odd away and most of the aspirants would be busy in their preparation as the prelims is approaching. The last three months are crucial and this is the period where the candidates should stay calm and focused as any diversion or distraction may ruin their entire preparation. If you are an IAS aspirant preparing for the UPSC 2018 IAS Prelims and think you are stuck in between your preparation or skeptical about your preparation or don’t know where do you stand in your preparation with prelims just 3 months away, then here we bring the Prelims 2018 Prelims Crash Course which every serious aspirant must take if they really want to clear the prelims.

Why should one take Himalai’s IAS Prelims Crash Course?
The crash course is specially designed keeping in the mind the demand of the IAS prelims in the last three months’ prior the exam which is to be held on 3rd June 2018.

The Crash Course is planned in such way that it will not burden the aspirants in their preparation rather it will mold them to face the challenge and make them feel more confident in cracking the prelims.

If you really feel lost in your preparation when the exam is nearing then we are your one hope, enroll in our IAS 2018 Prelims Crash Course and crack the exam with ease.

What the HImalai’s IAS 2018 Crash Course has to offer aspirants?

Our 3 months Prelims Crash Course has a lot to offer for aspirants. Our students will not only learn about the subjects but we also train them on what is the UPSC IAS Exam Requirements and provide coaching to the aspirants in such a way that they develop the skills and techniques in their preparation process which is required not only to crack this exam but qualities which will follow even after joining Indian Administration.

Below is the detail of our 3-month IAS Prelims Crash Course:

  • Complete coverage of Prelims General Studies Paper I and CSAT Syllabus.
  • Classes are exclusively conducted by Himalai Toppers and Subject Experts.
  • Entire preparation process for this 3-month will be personally monitored and guided by Keshav Sir the One Man behind making 1000+ administrator since 1998 and whose guidance many of our students today are in Indian Administration as IAS, IFS, IES, and IFOS and are into other Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Civil Services.
  • The crash course comprises of 300 hours of holistic preparation of General Studies Paper I and CSAT Paper II.
  • The classes are conducted on both weekdays and weekends that is convenient for both working aspirants and students.
  • Comprehensive yet simplified study materials for General studies, CSAT, and Current affairs that comprises notes
    • Subject-Wise
    • Topic-Wise
    • Chapter-Wise

    a. NCERT for basics
    b. Analytical – Application to Current Scenario

  • Revision Classes on topics and subjects for in-depth understanding.

What aspirants will get from HImalai’s IAS 2018 Crash Course?
This 3-month IAS prelims Crash Course is a thorough and intensive preparation and evaluation program that will help IAS aspirants to understand the need of the UPSC exam and learn the strategies and skills to attempt questions, tackle time and how to stay calm under pressure and maintain accuracy in the actual exam.

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