The Central Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandants) is conducted by the UPSC in three stages and they are stage I – written; stage II – PET; and stage III – Interview/Personality Test

The Syllabi for the Stage I – the written part of the Central Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandants) Examination is as mentioned below.

PAPER I – General Ability and Intelligence

The paper I questions on general ability and intelligence is of objective type with multiple choices and covers broadly the following areas.

  1. General Mental Ability
    The questions asked in this part of Paper I is to evaluate the logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude including numerical ability, and data interpretation.
  2. General Science
    The questions will be set to test general awareness, scientific temper, comprehension and appreciation of scientific phenomena of everyday observation including new areas of importance like Information Technology, Biotechnology, Environmental Science.
  3. Current Events of National and International Importance
    The questions will test the candidates’ awareness of current events of national and international importance in the broad areas of culture, music, arts, literature, sports, governance, societal and developmental issues, industry, business, globalisation, and interplay among nations.
  4. Indian Polity and Economy
    The questions under the Indian Polity and Economy part of the Paper I of the Central Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandants) Examination is aimed to test candidates’ knowledge of the Country’s political system and the Constitution of India, social systems and public administration, economic development in India, regional and international security issues and human rights including its indicators.
  5. History of India
    The questions under this part of the Paper I is broadly framed in India’s social, economic and political aspects. This shall also include the areas of growth of nationalism and freedom movement.
  6. Indian and World Geography
    The questions under this area generally covers the physical, social and economic aspects of geography relating to India and the World.

Paper II: General Studies, Essay, and Comprehension

Part-A: 80 Marks

Essay questions should be answered in a lengthy expressive form either in Hindi or English. Usually, the suggested topics for essay are on modern Indian history particularly the freedom struggle, polity and economy, geography, knowledge of security and human rights issues, and analytical ability.


  • In the Attendance Lists, candidates should indicate the language in which they will be writing the Essay Component of the Paper II.
  • If candidates write the essay component of the paper II in any different language other than mentioned in the Attendance Lists in such case, candidates will not be awarded any marks.

Part-B: 120Marks
Comprehension, précis writing, other communications/language skills – to be attempted in English only
The topics covered in the Part-B of Paper II are Comprehension passages, developing counter arguments, simple grammar,précis writing, and other aspects of language testing.