UPSC Syllabus 2019- Get Detailed Information about IAS syllabus 2019 for both UPSC prelims 2019 and UPSC mains 2019


At first, IAS exam syllabus may seem very vast and diverse but when you get familiarized, you will realize that it can actually be simplified. Here is an overview of civil service exam syllabus.

  • IAS syllabus for prelims covers a wide range of general topics as prelims is conducted to test your knowledge and understanding you can download the upsc prelims syllabus pdf from the upsc official website
  • .Mains IAS syllabus is dead opposite with plenty of specified subjective topics and subtopics, because IAS mains aim is to check not only your knowledge but also your perspective of these topics and the main syllabus is also present in official Notification which can be downloaded through upsc mains syllabus pdf
  • .The personality test is a different story with no specified civil service exam syllabus, it is conducted to access your core personality and attitude

IAS exam syllabus can be made simple with the right strategies. One of the secrets for simplifying the IAS syllabus is to consider IAS exam as a single unit. UPSC may conduct IAS exam in three stages but think it is conducted in one shot. Here is why?

Mains covers a wide range of topics which are highly relevant for prelims. Understanding the mains part of IAS syllabus first will greatly help in both prelims and interview. This will also give plenty of time to cover mains and optional syllabus.

Keep in mind that IAS prelims is only a screening test, but it is also your gateway for other stages of the IAS exam you can also check out with the previous year notification upsc prelims syllabus 2018 pdf which can give you clear idea with the syllabus and rest things

. If you start preparing for mains after prelims you might face a shortage of time to cover the syllabus. Plan to cover mains syllabus relevant to prelims first, so you have a clear understanding of the topics for prelims and you are left with time to cover IAS syllabus for mains.

ias syllabus 2019 pdf can be Expected in the short time which will be made available with the

upsc prelims syllabus 2019 pdf  that includes upsc gs paper 1 syllabus and upsc gs paper 1 syllabus you can also find the the mains complete syllabus in the same Notification

UPSC syllabus is made available in 2 languages it can also be downloaded in both the languages upsc syllabus 2019 pdf download in English and  upsc syllabus 2019 pdf download in Hindi. If you found any of the confusion in the UPSC Syllabus you can also refer the Previous year Notification you can find it as upsc syllabus 2018 pdf that can be downloaded through official website as upsc syllabus 2018 pdf download

If you take your time and understand the topics of IAS syllabus well, it will give a weight age for your answers in the interview. Without the basis of knowledge, your words in the interview may turn into a blabber. This is one of the time-tested strategies to start preparing for mains along with prelims.

There is no one tailor-made strategy to tackle the IAS exam, it differs depending on your comfort with topics and understanding capabilities. Whatever may be your approach, always remember to keep it simple.