UPSC- Priority for female-made Women Empowerment possible

One of the major trends of the 20th century is women empowerment. Women who were not even considered eligible to take major decisions of their own lives, now have become compelling leaders of the world. Women have proved their capabilities by working on equal par with their male colleagues and Civil Service is no exception.

Indian civil services and especially Indian Administrative Service is considered as one of the most powerful decision-making positions of the Indian government.

The number of female IAS officer has constantly increased over the years from 13% in 2010 to 17% in 2017. In the civil service exam, women have shown their competence in securing All India highest ranking consistently.

Over the years many eminent female IAS officers have made their mark by upholding law and justice. Still, there are many who have the passion for civil services but are facing difficulties imposed by their own families and society. With a bit of encouragement, they can become capable IAS officers.

There are many misconceptions and questions regarding IAS exam eligibility for women. Are women eligible for IAS? What is IAS age limit for female? Are married people eligible to attempt IAS exam?

IAS exam eligibility is equal for everyone. There is no separate IAS age limit for female or restriction on marital status. The qualification for IAS is nationality, age limit and educational qualification which are common for everyone.

If you are a graduate (or pursuing final year) more than the age of 21 years and less than 32 years with Indian nationality, you are qualified for IAS (Age relaxation and number of attempts is applicable as per UPSC Norms). UPSC maintains a transparency regarding the IAS eligibility and there is no separate reservation for women applicants in civil services exam.

There are many who are daughters of underprivileged families, hard-working wives and even mothers who not only have cracked IAS exam but also have topped the UPSC selection lists. Their stories are proof that with planning and dedication anyone can succeed in IAS exam.