UPSC Polity :Other Constitutional Dimension-4

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Today’s Topic:Other Constitutional Dimension-4

1. Which Constitutional Article empowers the State Legislature to adopt Hindi or any state languages as the official language of that state –

a) Article 345             b) Article 346             c) Article 348              d) Article 349

Ans      A


2. Whose satisfaction is required under Constitutional Article 347 regarding special provision for creating language spoken by a section of the population of a state —

a) Parliament             b) Judiciary             c) President             d) Prime Minister

Ans      C


3. Which Constitutional Article defines officials language for communication between the state and another state and the Union—

a) Article 349             b) Article 346             c) Article 243               d) Article 305

Ans      B

4. In Article 394A which language of the constitution of India—

a) Punjabi             b) Manipuri             c) Hindi                       d) Urdu

Ans      C

5. Which Constitutional Article states that Hindi is the official language —

a) Article 343             b) Article 346             c) Article 345               d) Article 347

Ans      A

6. The Constitution of India recognizes

a) Only religious minorities                           b) Only linguistic minorities

c) Religious and linguistic minorities             d) Religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities

Ans      C

7. Which Article of the Constitution provides that it shall be the Endeavour of every state to provide adequate facility for instruction in the mother tongue at the primary stage of education?

a) Article 349             b) Article 350             c) Article 350 – A         d) Article 351

Ans      C

8. How many Schedules are there in Constitution of India?

a) 10 Schedules             b) 12 Schedules             c) 14 Schedules          d) 16 Schedules

Ans      B

9.  Which colours are included in the National Flag—

a) Deep Saffron             b) White             c) Dark Green                         d) All the above

Ans      D

10. Delhi was declared as the capital of India in the Following year

a) 1909             b) 1911             c) 1913                        d) 1915

Ans      B