UPSC Polity :Other Constitutional Dimension-2

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Today’s Topic:Other Constitutional Dimension-2

1. Which of the following prefix President Pranab Mukherjee desires to be discontinued while interacting with Indian dignitaries as well as in official nothings?

1. His Excellency             2. Mahamahim             3. Honble                4. Shri/Smt

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

a) 1 and 3             b) 2 and 3             c) 1 and 2                    d) 1, 2 and 3

Ans      D


2. On which date National Integration Day is celebrated in India?

a) 14th November             b) 19th November             c) 10th December                    d) 30th October

Ans      B

3. Which of the following is not a peasant’s movement?

a) Kheda Movement                 b) Tabligh Movement

c) Telangan Movement             d) Khilafat Movement

Ans      C

4. Who characterized India as “A million mutinies” in 1990?

a) V.S.Naipaul             b) M.S.A.Rao             c) Ghanshyam Shah                 d) TeddGutt

Ans      A

5. One-rupee currency note in India bears the signature of

a) The President of India                         b) Finance Minister of India

c) Governor, Reserve Bank of India        d) Finance Secretary of government of India

Ans      D

6. Which community gets special provision for Central Services in Article 336 —

a) Sikh Community                b) Muslim Community

c) Hindu Community             d) Anglo – Indian Community

Ans      D

7. Which Constitutional Article defines the SC –

a) Article 345             b) Article 346             c) Article 341               d) Article 342

Ans      C

8. Which Constitutional Article defines the ST —

a) Article 345             b) Article 343             c) Article 347               d) Article 342

Ans      D

9. Which Constitutional Article specifies official language of the Union—

a) Article 343             b) Article 344             c) Article 345              d) Article 346

Ans      A

10. Under Constitutional Article 343, which is the official language of the Union —

a) Urdu             b) Hindi             c) English         d) Band C

Ans      D