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1. Through which one of the following were commercial activities of the East India Company finally put to an end?

a) The Charter Act of 1793

b)The Charter Act of 1813

c) The Charter Act of 1833

d)The Charter Act of 1853

Ans: C

2. Which one of the following is one of the objectives of the Indian National Congress in 1885?

a) Promotion of friendship

b) Eradication of Poverty

c) Demand for Swaraj

d) Independence

Ans: A

3. Which of the Act Introduced Dyarchy in the provinces?

a) Government of India Act 1909

b) Government of India Act 1919

c) Indian Council Act 1861

d) Indian Council Act 1862.

Ans: B

4. Which of the following transferred power from the English East India Company to the British Crown?

a) The Government of India Act of 1858

b) Government of Indian Act 1919

c) Indian Council Act 1861

d) Government of India Act 1935

Ans: A

5. The first definite step to provide parliamentary control over East India Company was taken by:

a) The Regulating Act, 1773

b)The Pitt’s India Act, 1784

c) The Charter Act of 1793

d)The Charter Act of 1813

Ans: A

6. Which of the Plan provided for the Constitutional Assembly of India?

a) Cripps Plan

b) August Offer

c) Wavell Plan

d) Cabinet Mission Plan

Ans: D

7. Two independent states of India and Pakistan were created by:

a) The Simla Conference

b) The Cripps proposal

c) The Cabinet Mission Plan

d) The Indian Independence Act

Ans: D

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