UPSC Polity: State Government, Centre-State And Inter-State Relations-2

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Today’s Topic: State Government, Centre-State And Inter-State Relations-2

1. Which of the following groups of schedule deal with the division of powers between Union and the States?

a) IVth            b) VIth            c) VIIth            d) IXth

Ans      C

2. Which of the following State has a separate constitution of its own?

a) Andhrapradesh            b) Karnataka            c) Tamil Nadu                         d) Jammu and Kashmir

Ans      D

3. Under which article of our constitution, the Governor can reserve the bill for the consideration of the President?

a) 199            b) 200            c) 201                         d) 202

Ans      C

4.  Who describes the Indian federation as ‘a co-operative federation’?

a) Granville Austin            b) Sir Ivor Jennuings            c) KC Where                d) Alexandrowincz

Ans      A

5. What is the maximum strength of the Legislative Assembly?

a) 400            b) 500            c) 425             d) 545

Ans      B

6. Nagaland was created as a separate state in the year?

a) 1960            b) 1961            c) 1962           d) 1963

Ans      C

7. Punjab was divided into Punjab was Haryana in the year?

a) 1966            b) 1967            c) 1968            d) 1969

Ans      A

8. Chhattisgarh came into existence on?

a) 1st November, 2000            b) 1st November, 2001

c) 1st November, 2002            d) 1st November, 2003.

Ans      A

9. Under Article 365 what are the duties of the Union Governments with respect to State Government—

a) Ensure that every Ste Minister should act in accordance with the advice of Chief Minister

b) Ensure that Governor acts under advice of the Chief Minister

c) Ensure that Governance in the State is in accordance with the Constitution

d) All of the above.

Ans      C