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Parliamentary system and Central Government Notes Part 2

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Today’s Topic: Parliamentary system and Central Government

Q1. The term of the Indian President is

a) 5 years

b) 6 years

c) 7 years

d) 10 years

Ans      A

Q2. RajyaSabha has equal powers with LokSabha

a) In the matters of creating a new All India Service

b) In amending the Constitution

c) In the removal of the Government

d) In making cut motions

Ans      B

Q3. RajyaSabha has exclusive power

a) In the matter of creating new All India Service

b) In amending the Constitution

c) In the removal of the Government

d) In making cut motions

Ans      A

Q4. Decision on question as to disqualifications of membership of either House if Parliament rests with the

a) Election Commission

b) The Chief justice of India

c) The Parliament

d) President after consultation with the election commission

Ans      D

Q5. RajyaSabha has exclusive jurisdiction in

a) The creation and abolition of states

b) In amending the Constitution

c) In the removal of the Government

d) Auto rising Parliament to legislate on a subject in the State List

Ans      D

Q6. According to the Constitution of India, a new All India Services can be instituted with the initiative taken by

a) More than two – third of the states

b) The interstate council

c) The RajyaSabha

d) President

Ans      C

Q7. The quorum requirement in the RajyaSabha

a) 25

b) 50

c) 100

d) 126

Ans      A

Q8. The Chairman of RajyaSabha is elected by

a) Elected members of RajyaSabha

b) Members of RajyaSabha

c) The elected members of RajyaSabha

d) All the members of the Parliament

Ans      D

Q9. The LokSabha Secretariat comes under the supervision of the

a) Ministry of Home Affairs

b) Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

c) Prime Minister’s office

d) Speaker of LokSabha

Ans      D

Q10. Which section of the society has to be represented in the LokSabha, nominated by the President?

a) Scheduled Caste

b) Scheduled tribe

c) Anglo Indians

d) Christians

Ans      C

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