UPSC Polity : Local Government-1

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Today’s Topic: Local Government

  1. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of, India?

a) Sukumar Sen          b) K.V.K.Sundaram          c) S.P.SenVerma          d) T.N.Seshan

Ans      A

Explanation:    Sukumar Sen was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India from 21 March1950-19 Dec, 1958.]

2. Who appoints the members of the State Election Commission?

a) The prime minister          b) The president          c) The parliament         d) The Governor

Ans      D

3. Which Constitutional article defines the work of Administrative Tribunal—

a) Article 323A          b) Article 233B          c) Article 223B                        d) None of the above

Ans      A

4. Who appoints the Advocate General?

a) The Prime Minister          b) The President          c) The Parliament          d) The Governor

Ans      D

5. On whose recommendation, Election commissioner or Regional Election Commissioner or shall be removed from the office—

a) Chief Judicial Magistrate          b) President          c) Election Commission            d) None of the above

Ans      C

6. Up to which year Chief Election Commissioner functioned as one-man Commission—

a) 1988          b) 1989          c) 1987           d) 1986

Ans      B

7. Chief Election Commissioner cannot be removed except by which process—

a) Resignation          b) Presidential Order          c) Impeachment           d) Judicial Decision

Ans      C

8. Who appoints the Finance commission?

a) The President          b) The Prime Minister          c) The Parliament         d) The Governor

Ans      A

9. Who appoints the Finance Commission?

a) The Prime Minister          b) The President          c) The Parliament         d) The Governor

Ans      B

10. Who acts s the Chairman of the Election Commission after appointment as Election Commissioner—

a) Prime Minister                                      b) Home Minister

c) Chief Appointment Officer                    d) Chief Election Commissioner

Ans      D