UPSC Polity :Emergency Provisions-1

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Today’s Topic: Emergency Provisions

1. After which report, President promulgates President Rule in the State—

a) Prime Minister                                      b) Union Home Minister

c) Chief Minister                                       d) Governor

Ans      D

2. Who has the Authority to approve President Rule in the state—

a) Parliament                                     b) LokSabha                                     c) State Legislature                   d) Council of State

Ans      A

3. Who has the constitutional power not be approve ‘President Rule’ in the state under Article 356—

a) Prime Minister                                                                         b) Parliament

c) Union Council of Ministers                                                     d) State Government

Ans      C

4. In case President Rule in the state is not approved by the Parliament, ‘For how many months the same promulgation shall last’.

a) Four Months                                b) Two Months                                  c) Three Months                      d) Six Months

Ans      D

5. Under Article 356 Governor shall not be bound by whose advice—

a) Chief Minister Council of Ministers                                          b) President

c) Prime Minister                                                                         d) None of the above

Ans      A

6. In which Supreme Court Judgement. It has been pronounced that Article 356 cannot be invoked unless it can be held that the government of the state cannot be run in accordance with the provision of the Constitution’

a) Arun vs. Union of India A.I.R. 1992 Allahabad S.C.1918

b) S.R.Bommai vs. Union of India A.I.R.1990 Kant 95

c) A and B

d) None of the above

Ans      C

7. In which Supreme Court Judgement it has been pronounced that ‘the Union Government cannot dismiss a duly elected State Government on the sole ground that the ruling party in the state suffered an overwhelming defeat in the election of the LokSabha—

a) S.R.Bommai vs. Union of India A.I.R. 1994 S.C. 1916

b) State of Rajasthan vs. Union of India A.I.R. 1977 S.C.1361

c) A and B

d) None of the above

Ans      C

8. President can make proclamation of Emergency under:

a) Article 84                                     b) Article 105                                     c) Article 225                                     d) Article 352

Ans      D

9. In Financial Emergency, salaries and allowances of which groups get a reduction—

a) Central Government Employees                                     b) Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts

c) A and B                                                                           d) None of the above

Ans      C

10. During the time of Indira Gandhi, what was the number of President’s Rule imposed—

a) 16                                     b) 48                                     c) 4                 d) 6

Ans      B

10. Which Articles in the Indian Constitution represent emergency provisions—

a) Article 348-354                                b) Article 352-360                              c) Article 359-361                  d) Article 368-380

Ans      B


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