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1. Who was the author of ‘Buddha Charita’?

a) Nagarjuna                                               

b) Vasumitra

c) Ashvaghosha                                          

d) Nagasena               

Ans: C

 2. Who is also known as Nigantha Nataputra?

a) Nagarjuna                                                

b) Shankaracharya

c) Vardhamana Mahavira                             

d) Gautam Buddha     

Ans: C

3. The principle that distinguishes Jainism form Buddhism is the

a) Belief in rebirth

b) Practice of the eightfold path                 

c) Rejection of the infallibility of the Vedas

d) Attribution of a soul to all beings and things        

Ans: D

4. Buddha lived approximately at the same time as

a) Prophet Muhammad                                 

b) Hammurabi

c) Confucius                                                  

d) Moses

Ans: C

5. Buddha’s preachings were mainly related to

a) Purity of thought and conduct                    

b) Idol worship

c) Belief in one God                                        

d) Practice of rituals       

Ans: A

6. The third vehicle in Buddhism was known as

a) Vajrayana                                                  

b) None of these

c) Mahasanghika                                         

d) Zen 

Ans: A

7. Which State is called the ‘Cradle of Buddhism’?

a) Bihar                                                         

b) Sikkim       

c) Madhya Pradesh                                       

d) Uttar Pradesh

Ans: D