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1. Which of the following imaginary line divides India almost into two equal parts?
a) Equator                                             b) Tropic of Cancer
c) Tropic of Capricorn                           d) Arctic Circle
Ans: B

2. Which of the following water bodies is the home of the Lakshadweep islands?
a) Arabian Sea                                      b) Bay of Bengal
c) Indian Ocean                                    d) the Atlantic Ocean
Ans: A

3. Which of the following Planets are part of the Milky Way galaxy?
a) Earth                                                 b) Jupiter

c) Uranus                                              d) All the above
Ans: D

4. Which among the following is an Inner Planet?
a) Mars                                                 b) Jupiter

c) Uranus                                             d) Saturn
Ans: A

5. Which Indian state is connected to Sri Lanka by Palk Strait?
a) Tamil Nadu                                      b) Karnataka
c) Kerala                                              d) Andhra Pradesh
Ans: A

6. The study of the physical features of the surface of the earth and their relation to its geological
structures is called
a) Rheumatology                                  b) Geomorphology
c) Epidemiology                                    d) Zoology
Ans: B

7. Between which two planets in the asteroid belt found?
a) Mars and Jupiter                               b) Jupiter and Uranus
c) Mars and Earth                                 d) Saturn and Uranus
Ans: A