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1. What is the time period of the Rolling Plan of Indian Economy?

A) 1971-1978

b) 1980-1985

c) 1978-1983

d) 1992-1999


2. Match the following

List-I and                   List-2:

A) Sabla                    1. Empowerment of adolescent girls

B) Ujjawala               2. Scheme for the prevention of trafficking, rescue and rehabilitation of women and child victims

C) Swadhar              3. A scheme for women in a difficult circumstance

D) Swayam Siddha  4. Aims at the holistic empowerment of women

     A   B D

a) 1   2   4

b) 3

c) 2

d) 4   1


3. Which one of the following is a residual earning?

a) Rent

b) Profit

c) Wage

d) Interest

Ans: B

4. New firms are barred from entering the market in:

a) Perfect competition

b) Oligopoly

c) Monopolistic competition

d) Monopoly

Ans: D

5. Who says: “The propensity of consume is stable in the short run”?

a) Keynes

b) Hicks

c) Arrow

d) Stiglitz

Ans: A

6. Which one of the following Indian banks is not a nationalized bank:

a) Corporation bank

b) Dena bank

c) Federal bank

d) Vijaya bank


7. In the context of the global economy which one of the following pair is not correctly matching:

    Concern                   Provide

a) JP Morgan chase    Financial services

b) Warburg Pincus      Private equity firm

c) Roche Holding        AG Financial services

d) WL Ross & Co.       Private equity firm