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1. The most appropriate measure of a country’s economic growth is its:

a) Net National Product

b) Per Capita Real Income

c) Net Domestic Product

d) Gross Domestic Product

Ans: B

2. Which one of the following is the objective of National Renewal Fund?

a) For human resource development such as full literacy, employment, population control, housing and drinking water.

b) To safeguard the interests of workers who may be affected by technological up gradation of industry of sick units.

c) To develop the core sector of the economy

d) For the development of infrastructure such as energy, transport, communication and irrigation.

Ans: B

3. The price of any currency in international markets is decided by which of the following?

1. Economic potential of the country

2. World Bank

3. Demand for goods\services provided by the country concerned.

4. Stability of the government of the concerned country

a) 1, 2 and 4                          b) 1 and 3                               c) 3 and 4                          d) 2 and 4

Ans: C

5. Tourism industry in India is quite small compared in terms of India’s potential size. Which of following statements is correct in this regard?

a) In India the infrastructure required for attracting tourists in inadequate.

b) Distances in India are too far apart and luxury hotel are too expensive for western tourists.

c) For most of months India is too hot for western tourists to feel comfortable.

d) Most of the picturesque resorts in India such as in the North east and Kashmir are, for all practical purpose, out of bounds.

Ans: D

 6. Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?

a) Fifth Five Year Plan: 1974 – 79

b) Ninth Five Year Plan: 1996 – 2001

c) First Five Year Plan: 1951-56

d) Third Five Year Plan: 1961 – 66

Ans: B

7. Which of the following is /are included in ‘Deficit Financing’ in India?

1. Withdrawal of past balances / surpluses etc

2. Borrowing from the Reserve Bank of India

3. Issue of new currency notes

a) Only 1                                b) Only 2                             c) Both 1 and 3                             d) 1, 2 and 3

Ans: D

8. NABARD established in the:

a) Sixth Five Year Plan

b) Eighth Five Year Plan

c) Fourth Five Year Plan

d) Fifth Five Year Plan

Ans: C