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Today’s topic:

Section 1:

  1. Judge Appointment Procedure
  2. Green GDP
  3. Global Wind Summit and Wind power in India

Section 2A:

  1. BHIM App
  2. Sundarban National Park
  3. Tigris-Euphrates river system

Section 2B:

  1. Kadamba Dynasty



1. Judges Appointment Procedure:

Chief justice appointment procedure in India  of  supreme court.

Chief justice appointment procedure-

  • Appointed by president under clause 2 article 124.
  • Appointment of chief justice of india should be senior most judge of supreme court along with recommendation of law council and minister.
  • Senior most judge hold this position.
  • Appointed by president by consult of prime minister.

Supreme court judges appointment procedure-

When vacancy arrive by chief justice for judge of Supreme Court proposal is forwarded for consult of union law minister. Supreme Court forms of collegium of four senior must judges of SC. Chief justice is superior.

Senior most judges can participate. As per memorandum and terms of GOI review will happen than

  • Appointment of judge of India should be senior most judge of high court along with recommendation of the union minister of law , PM and president will give appointment. After appointment civil surgeon of medical give certificate will be given for selection for appointment among all the person.
  • After this process appointment signed by president the secretory govt of India will announce the appointment and issues the necessary gagete of India.

2. Green GDP:

  • Green GDP  it Express after environmental damage it incudes production consumption accumulation wealth in economy system it uses natural environment in national accounts.
  • It involve physical accounting monitory valuation national income.it comes ministry of environmental and forest
  • Environmental account in india A frame of environmental statistics by CSO in 1990s
  • The audit conducted by CAG as a part environmental audit which includes environmental theme of water problem, air pollution, waste and environment management system.

3. Global wind Summit and wind Power in india

It’s a biannual event to get opportunities, challenges and advance the business. India is forth largest wind power operating in different 11 states. As they had much wind power generating capacity.




1.BHIM App:

This app is created for development of dalit back ward classed and financial backward people it will create equality in soicity by reducing black money.

It includes

  • E payment through bank.
  • Improvesied digital transaction.
  • Link to adhar card.
  • Reduces plastic cards.

2.Sundarban national park

It is a group of 4sundar ban national park on exmpale of the estuarine mangrove eco system it is located in 24 paragana district of WB largest tiger reserve and national in india with 3major river.




It also has animals like estuarine crocodile and alive turtle monitor lizard and etc.

3. Tigris Euphrates river system

Great river system of asia It has tigris Euphrates river which passes through middle of east called mesopotamian civilisation of kurdish  country with alluvial plain.


1. Kadamba Dynasty:

Kadamba dynasty(325 AD to 540AD) this earliest royal dynasty of Karnataka founded by mayura sharma in parts of north Karnataka & konkan kannada was admin language and they ment gold coins and reach architectural heritage of Karnataka.